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Final Term Shenanigans

When you're tired of being in office, have fun with it
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In the movie "Office Space," the main character Peter doesn't enjoy his job at all and senses that he will be fired soon, so he decides to stop taking work seriously.

Similarly, someone once suggested that now that George W. Bush is into his second term, he should stop taking his job seriously and greet international diplomats dressed in full cowboy regalia, riding a horse and shouting things like "howdy" and "yeehaw!"

This could become a generally accepted tradition for outgoing politicians or anyone in a prominent position. Many are already seen as fools, and this practice would show the world that they actually do have souls.

Of course, heads of state might not want to take the same outlook on things like nuclear war or international terrorism.

discontinuuity, Sep 12 2005

Office Space http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0151804/
A description of the movie (scroll down for plot summary) [discontinuuity, Sep 12 2005]


       I think that one common European perception of GWB is that he would first have to start taking his job seriously, if he wanted to stop taking it seriously.
calum, Sep 12 2005

       I'm not sure that is the perception [calum]. What concerns me is that he does appear to be trying but getting it so damned wrong most of the time. In no seriousness, this would liven things up [+].
DocBrown, Sep 12 2005

       //I'm not sure that is the perception [calum]// Yes it is.   

       //If it wasn't for the fact that other countries make decisions about whether or not to launch nuclear missiles based on the behavior of our leadership in government// What on earth gave you that idea Pa´ve?!
Susan, Sep 13 2005

       //other countries make decisions about whether or not to launch nuclear missiles based on the behavior of our leadership//
As no nuclear missiles have been launched during President Bush's administration, we must assume he's doing OK. Taking the logic further, as no nuclear weapons of any kind have been used during the past 60 years, we can assume that every US President since FDR did OK.
angel, Sep 13 2005

       //every US President since FDR did OK// I think we should forget Truman (no missiles in his era and he authorised Hiroshima and Nagasaki), but maybe we should assume all the Soviet leaders did OK too - Kruschev, Brezhniev, Andropov, Cherneynko, Gorbachev, Yeltsin...
coprocephalous, Sep 13 2005

       // //I'm not sure that is the perception [calum]// Yes it is.\\ It certainly is.   

       If for a moment (can't stand it too long) I look at the behaviour of american politicians and I remember some famous words by Reagan (evil empire), the fact that since the term of Clinton the act of fellatio is no longer considered a sexual act, that Bush junior went to war with the wrong country... I must say: this idea seems baked to me.
zeno, Sep 13 2005

       so the world thinks GWB is not taking his job seriously? My perception is more like what [Doc ]said.   

       I believe that GWB truly believes in what he is doing; and that being a leader often means being hated by the majority. in relation to this idea, I think W will continue to do what he believes is the right thing, until he is no longer able to do it.
dentworth, Sep 13 2005

       //I believe that GWB truly believes in what he is doing// But this is true of all leaders - Pol Pot, Josef Stalin, Reinhard Heydrich et al.
coprocephalous, Sep 13 2005

       How is it that people that are completely crap seem to get into power? George Bush, Tony Blair... And most other candidates for Prime Minister seem to be just as useless. I don't know about other presidential candidates because because quite frankly, I really couldn't give a rat's ass.
quaero curvus, Sep 13 2005

       [quaero] That applies nicely to John Kerry. As a resident alien in California I was actually glad that I didn't get to vote in the last presidential election. I couldn't possibly have voted for Dubya, awful man that he is but despite trying very hard I couldn't imagine that limp fool Kerry doing any better. The choice was between a strong but dangerous leader and a benign but useless one.
stilgar, May 22 2006


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