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Governance Holidays

holiday in cambodia
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For 1 year in every 5 the government of every country goes on holiday. A susbstitute government is brought in in the form of an entire overseas government. Your government goes to another country where it governs; a kind of a Bussman's holiday, or a working holiday. Countries' caretakerships randomly assigned somehow.

If I was a government or controlled what one did I would be far less likely to, say, go to war with another country if that could soon put me a position where my entire country was at war with me. Same for unfair trade deals, border disputes.

Caretaker governments can make changes at a constitutional level, so a totalitarian regime in your country could make it totalitarian for a year, but when you got back you could use your totalitarian powers to make it democratic again. At the same time, your government in a totalitarian country could make it democratic, but when the country's true government returns it finds itself bound by the strictures of a democratic constitution. /\ (assuming 'you' live in a democratic country)

Logistics might be a problem.

goatfaceKilla, Nov 04 2004


       Yale, not that it matters
dentworth, Nov 04 2004

       and why, for Gawds sake, does it matter, don't the English marry 1st cousins,( I watch BBC sitcoms) to keep property in family? Twin brothers can have opposite political views. so I think you should just drop it- like a sack of wet politicians in Times Square.
dentworth, Nov 04 2004

       I'm probably not thinking clearly UnaBubba, but maybe it's true that governances that have constitutionally guaranteed reins on the power of the government are better.   

       Also everyone likes a holiday.
goatfaceKilla, Nov 04 2004

       This would be no holiday -
dentworth, Nov 04 2004

       Yeah, it would be difficult for the government of Brazil to govern in Lichtenstein, with having to find places to live, language difficulties, administrative differences, knowledge of local issues etc.   

       And of course it's possible that the types that would become dictators would use this system for their own ends somehow.   

       does that make this marked for deletion or just a weak idea?
goatfaceKilla, Nov 04 2004


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