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Find The Flaw

Why will this perpetual motion device, bootstrap engine or other mechanism not work?
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Already being played over at my "Faux Bootstrap Engine" post. The game shows a series of mechanical devices and the sequences of how they work. Thing is, none of them DO work. They're all perpetual motion machines, bootstrap engines etc. However if well done enough, it can be hard to find where the concept breaks down.

The player analyzes the mechanism and then finds where the problem is. They flip over the answer and score themselves.

doctorremulac3, Aug 02 2014

Museum of Unworkable Devices https://www.lhup.ed...k/museum/unwork.htm
Highly recommended. [pocmloc, Aug 02 2014]

HHO car http://www.instruct...HHO-car-adaptation/
[pashute, Aug 03 2014]

Never say no... http://auto.howstuf....com/hho-system.htm
So it works on grains of truth. Now the only thing left is to find those grains and grow them. [pashute, Aug 03 2014]

It says science and technology in the header http://www.fourwind...ws.php?q=1241803759
And it says it works. So where can you go wrong? [pashute, Aug 03 2014]

Cure cancer with baking soda http://www.bamboo-d...ith_Baking_Soda.htm
Grind patient. Add baking soda. Stir with bamboo stick. Saved many people from going to "those oncologists with fancy degrees" [pashute, Aug 03 2014]


       "invisible" ?   

       You mean "non-obvious", shirley ?   

       Lots of systems - like Maglev - have "invisible" reaction mechanisms.
8th of 7, Aug 02 2014

       It's obvious that perpetual motion machines doesn't work because the Illuminati conspiracy
piluso, Aug 03 2014

       This is a great game. Should have links to the websites selling the stuff.   

       Should also work with miracle medicine, alternative medical practice and invention promotion firms. "What's wrong with this proposal"?   

       Then move on to conspiracy theories "what's wrong with this conspiracy theory"? But then again conspiracy theories turn out to be correct... (find the flaw in that claim)
pashute, Aug 03 2014

       //There is only one device that can work with a seemingly invisible reaction force   

       I've always found sarcasm to have roughly the same effect.   

       //Thing is, none of them DO work.   

       That just what you want us to think....how are those backhanders from the fossil fuel lobby mounting up.   

       (wonders if there isn't a better term than "lobby", like if it was of load hoteliers, wouldn't they be the hotel lobby?)
not_morrison_rm, Aug 03 2014


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