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Exploding Hackysack

Induce a flashback with the exploding hackysack
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This would be a standard hacksack, but instead of little plastic beads it could be filled with a gunpowder-like substance that will explode after being kicked(like those little poppers you can get for the 4th of july). The pieces could be wrapped in thin plastic, so that it doesnt explode until they are all unwrapped. This way no one is really sure when its gonna blow, adding to the suprise
wakeNbake, Mar 23 2006

Hot Potato http://open-site.or...y_Games/Hot_Potato/
[DrCurry, Mar 23 2006]

Visualization aid. http://www.firework...loding_haystack.htm
oh I thought you said haystack. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 26 2006, last modified Mar 28 2006]


       You work for a prosthetic limb manufacturer, and you're trying to drum up business?   

       Make it "go off" with flashing lights and noises, and I'm sure you could market this hot potato hackysack. Stick to gunpowder, and you'll have every lawyer in America lining up outside your door, salivating.
DrCurry, Mar 23 2006

       The explosive radius??
the fiddler, Mar 23 2006

       Three to four hundred metres.
Texticle, Mar 24 2006

       Make it implode. Then it'll turn into a teensy-weensy black hole and suck their legs off.
DesertFox, Mar 24 2006

       //it doesnt explode until they are all unwrapped//   

       That's a neat trick.
Shz, Mar 24 2006


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