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Fire Drill Simulator Box

Box sends out smoke and simulates the smoke in a fire.
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This idea is to market smoke machines as fire drill simulation kits and have all the schools in the world buy them.
daseva, Jun 20 2006


       This does seem to be a great idea, but with young children you stand the risk of causing the same panic that your trying to prevent.
tatmkr, Jun 21 2006

       I was thinking about a fire drill, and then I watched Backdraft, and I realized how dumbed down fire drills are. Admidst heavy smoke, its probably hard to orient yourself and such, and these machines would help train you to do so.
daseva, Jun 21 2006

       Baked. I'm in the US Navy, we use these for shipboard fire drills. Looks like a suitcase, works like a fog machine. Produces harmless white "smoke" from ethylene glycol just like theatrical fog/smoke machines.
wittyhoosier, Jun 22 2006


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