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Duck Duck Goose Swapmeet

A Market similar to the kids game Duck Duck Goose or Musical chairs
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For example the game could be played this way:

Organizer gathers 25 people together in a parking lot. Everyone brings something worth at least 10 dollars. Organizer validates the value, because it is in his interest to do so.

All form a circle facing in. ( No running required - old folks in wheelchairs can join in. ) Place your item in front of you.

Play: Random drawing determines the first player. First player can choose any item in the circle. Then the next player who's item was just chosen can choose something else. And the next player, and so on. ( Actually facing out might make more sense and then turn in when your item is chosen, as a sort of marker that item is no longer available. )

The last player Player 25 can, but does not have to sell their item to the organizer for $9.55. (Remember: Organizer validates the value, because it is in his interest to do so. )

The next New game can be played at different prices: such as 1 cent, free, recycling finds, an hours labor. Whatever can be agreed to. Stop playing when people get bored or run out of stuff to swap.

A no sales tax version involving only paper money, coins, stamps, and anything exempt from the state sales tax man, Would be a good way to start this up and avoid filing forms.

Even if every item shown was worth 10 dollars face, it would still work because: Collectors need coins to look through. Moms need quarters to run the coin op laundry. Stamp collectors need to dump the stamps that are not part of the plate blocks they collect. I need to dump that jar of pennies. A dollar isn't just a dollar.

popbottle, Apr 03 2016

Another idea for people in a circle Adult_20Competitive_20Duck_20Duck_20Goose
Kids can play Duck Duck Goose before they can read. [popbottle, Apr 03 2016]


       I love this. I would go and swap, swap, swap away to my hearts content. Love this.
blissmiss, Apr 04 2016


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