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Fire alarm

For arsonists.
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A system installed throughout a building with accessible call points. When activated, the system automatically summons the fire service, and simultaneously sounds an evacuation alarm and ignites a number of incendiary devices to ensure that even in the event of a false alarm, the building really will be on fire by the time the firefighters arrive, thus eliminating false alarms.

(With acknowledgements to Ray Bradbury and [spidermother], in that order).

8th of 7, Jun 05 2011

Fahrenheit 451 http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Farenheit_451
" ... a future American society in which the masses are hedonistic ..." [8th of 7, Jun 06 2011]

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       Happy to play second fiddle (while Rome burns) to the Bradster.
spidermother, Jun 05 2011

       In Bradbury's novel this device would cause a "false alarm".   

FlyingToaster, Jun 05 2011

       Arsonist's-arsenal assurance.
Sir_Misspeller, Jun 06 2011

       This should really be titled "Alarm Fire"
hippo, Sep 03 2020

       When I was a student at art college I got into trouble over the smoke alarms. I made up some fake ones and installed them. They were of the small red box type with a glass front that stated "In Case of Fire Break Glass" The ones that I made housed a small vial supposedly containing a deadly contagion, and the notice was altered to read "In Case of Broken Glass, Start Fire" I'm adding a crumb here [+] because 8th is clearly in need of some treats, like all good pets.
xenzag, Sep 03 2020


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