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Fireman's Bong

Filter smoke filled air to increase visibility for firefighters and escapees
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You install high capacity, high flow, motorized Bongs (Water element air filtration units) in buildings in the ceiling. when a smoke detector goes off on a bong smoky air is drawn through the water reducing its opacity, toxicity, and temperature. Improves escape time and firefighters supression time.
davidcreede, Jul 21 2003

Bong filtering study http://www.maps.org...v06n3/06359mj1.html
[jutta, Oct 04 2004]


       Sure that's not 'gargling?'
RayfordSteele, Jul 22 2003

       Why don't you just have fans on the roof? It would be cheaper, smaller, have lower matainence, and have higher airflow.
my-nep, Oct 31 2003

       The water doesn't filter anything, just cools the smoke down.
sidi, Jan 28 2004

       Mostly. It does filter tar a little and THC a little more. Maybe [davidcreede] anticipated setting his stash on fire and is worried about the firefighters getting high on duty?
jutta, Sep 05 2004

       It will absorb, somewhat, those components that are readily water soluble. Much of the particulates, though, won't come in contact with the water as they are yet airborne within the bubbles.
bristolz, Sep 05 2004


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