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Fireworks Gloves

A pair of gloves that keep your hands safe from firecrackers.
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My neighbor creates his own fireworks and modifies other ones, not safe. So for his safety I thought of a pair of gloves that would come in large packages of firecrackers or sold sepretaly. They would be firecracker resistant, able to withstand a firecracker up to something like a M-80, so the people who don't have common sense can stay safe.
krigre55, Dec 04 2007

http://www.protecdi...dary-Heatbeater.htm [hippo, Dec 04 2007]

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[Canuck, Dec 04 2007]


       //so the people who don't have common sense can stay safe.//
Such people will always find a novel way to kill themselves. [-]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 04 2007

       //Such people will always find a novel way to kill themselves.//
And sometimes others as well, or at least include some maiming and disfiguring.

       I have a cousin who lost 2 fingers to some "modified" fireworks. Too bad there are no "common sense" gloves.
Canuck, Dec 04 2007

       I have to fishbone this.... despite my obsessive affection for things pyrotechnic, anyone who behaves stupidly around such items richly deserves to lose numerous body parts, if not their life, "pour encourager les autres".
8th of 7, Dec 04 2007

       Wearing gloves (and goggles) is an excellent idea.   

       I personally don't like to set off fireworks at all. Plus, it's illegal in my town.   

       I assume that gloves of adequate strength/material already exist. I don't know if including them with fireworks constitutes an invention.
bnip, Dec 05 2007

       Definitely a [-]. Fireworks should be slightly dangerous - home-made ones doubly so. Safety goggles, gloves, comfortably-quiet fireworks...yeuch.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 05 2007

       From the title, I imagined fireworks coming out of the end of the fingers...
Ling, Dec 06 2007

       Me too.   

       //so the people who don't have common sense can stay safe//   

       Thus allowing the foolhardy to propagate themselves? Good plan.
fridge duck, Dec 06 2007


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