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Fireworks Night Dog Care

To prevent stressed dogs
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One of the things about Australia Day is that most citys/towns have a firework display. Whilst this is nice, most dogs (unless they're as deaf as a post) will go nuts at the sound of the bangs. Same thing happens with thunderstorms.

The thing is, some places that take care of dogs haven't got much soundproofing, and dogs get terrified of thunder, so how about a pet care centre that will look after dogs overnight, whilst the fireworks/volcano/thunderstorm goes on outside, whilst the inhabitants can't hear a thing due to well-installed soundproofing.

This could also work as a pet hotel, for people and animals that get scared of thunderstorms, just check in overnight while the thunderstorm goes on outside and you can't hear a thing.

froglet, Feb 19 2006


       How about canine ear plugs? Or canine ear muffs? (Would those be called MuffyMuffs?) Or extra-strength canine sedatives? The one-time cost would probably be far less than the recurring cost of boarding your pet annually.
jurist, Feb 19 2006

       Dino used to hide under the bed (until she went deaf) - perhaps some kind of under-bed soundproofing?
po, Feb 19 2006

       Temporary deafness injection?
wagster, Feb 19 2006

       Sew their ears closed?
blissmiss, Feb 19 2006

       Cut their heads off?
wagster, Feb 19 2006

       <slaps wag (pun?) sideways>
po, Feb 19 2006

       I am told that Prozac works for dogs - just dose them up.
DrCurry, Feb 19 2006


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