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Heads Up Display incorporating fisheye lenses for fighter pilots
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Pilots need to be aware of the entire space around them, hence the high seating position and bubble cockpit canopy. Vision coverage could be maximised (to 100% continuous sky coverage) by using fisheye lenses from high definition cameras, one to each eye, for either above/below or fore/aft the aircraft. Seems difficult for the pilot to track, but the human brain is surprisingly good at adapting to different kinds of input - e.g. the experiment in living with an inverted image.
Harry Mudd, Oct 31 2003


       This depends on what you think is the easier task: getting a human pilot to see like a fish, or training a fish to fly a plane.
Overpanic, Nov 01 2003

       you could test the theory looking through two periscopes with fish eye lenses looking to the left and right
BPhilpotts, Mar 05 2005

       Just outfit infants with these lenses for their entire life and teach them to be fighter pilots. Easy! Problem solved.
macncheesy, Apr 04 2005

       I recently bought a new pair of prescription sunglasses. When I first put them on, I couldn't even resolve what I was seeing into a single image, and was seriously thinking of taking them back. A couple of hours of wear, and now I can even drive in them.   

       Where do I sign up to drive a helicopter?
moomintroll, Apr 04 2005

       who said anything about a helicopter?
Freefall, Apr 04 2005

       Oh. Disappointed.   

       Anyway, don't Apache helicopters already have some weird system requiring one eye to be looking at a data overlay while the other actually looks at the ground? Or did I just get that from some stupid film?
moomintroll, Apr 04 2005


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