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Fishbone-Croissant Chimera

Tete de poisson et la Derriere de pain Francaise, or le other-way round...
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On each Halfbaker's summary screen: using a formula, perhaps just this:

(Bread - Fish) / Total Half-Baked Ideas

...generate an image showing a monstrous yet comical part-croissant, part-fish fantastical creature as a quick graphical summary of all ideas in that user's list.

A problem springs to mind - analogous to the age-old question :'would it be better if the top-half of mermaids had the fish-bits and bottom-half had the lady bits?' - so best to allow the option for users to specify bread-head or fish-head. (or bread-arse/fish-arse depending on how you look at it).

monojohnny, Oct 25 2008

HalfBaker total score HalfBaker_20_22total_20score_22
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       Wouldn't mind a fish tail myself, wouldn't mind a fish tail on a female, if it came to that. But that part of your idea was beside the point right? - for the bulk of this.
zeno, Oct 26 2008

8th of 7, Oct 26 2008

       [-] I think last time we did this we came to the conclusion that it would cause some boned ideas to be repeated over and over and over... speaking of which, there's a "Search" function :D

       Wouldn't mind having an optional "summary" function, but not public... besides, some of my best ideas reek of halibut.
FlyingToaster, Oct 26 2008


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