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HalfBaker "total score"

How many bones, how many buns ?
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If this already exists somewhere else on the HB then this will be deleted.........

Idea: The HB should display in each user's profile page the total number of bones and buns for all posted ideas, and the "difference".

So, if a HBer has posted 43 ideas, and received 521 buns and 415 bones, their "score" would be 106 buns; indicating that on average, their ideas are more liked than disliked.

8th of 7, Jul 06 2008


       (-) I worry that this would increase bickering about non-idea-related meta things.
jutta, Jul 06 2008

       You can get a general feel from a profile by the rough number of bone icons to croissants...
Jinbish, Jul 06 2008

       Picking up on the bickering potential, this would give the Autoboner more power (by adding significance to the voting system).
Jinbish, Jul 06 2008

       // I worry that this would increase bickering about non-idea-related meta things //   

       Fair enough, is that an [m-f-d] ?   

       // rough number of bone icons to croissants... //   

       Rough, very rough. Actually, for some HBers with a lot of postings, quite hard to tell.
8th of 7, Jul 06 2008

       // Fair enough, is that an [m-f-d] ?
I don't see why - it's a perfectly reasonable request. Besides, if you delete it, someone else will surely bring it up again!
jutta, Jul 06 2008

       I think it should be more of an average that accounts for the number of submissions. It allows one personally loved but generally hated idea to destroy your average. So I'd sum all and then divide by the number of submissions. Or maybe the same but using only the displayed rating system 2.5 bun-2.5 fish.
MisterQED, Jul 06 2008

       // it's a perfectly reasonable request //   

       Are such things possible ?   

       // the displayed rating system 2.5 bun-2.5 fish. //   

       That seems OK ....
8th of 7, Jul 06 2008

       I'm more interested in comments than ratings.
nineteenthly, Jul 06 2008

       The crash wiped the votes clean so your final tally will be skewed.   

       what fries said <weeps>   

       everyone knows that "teach yourelf to purr" was at number one.
po, Jul 06 2008

       I'm a newb, when was the crash? I've heard it mentioned often. And couldn't you use the way back machine to recover the lost gems?
MisterQED, Jul 06 2008


       The idea seems like just an ego trip to me, don't see the point mate. Especially when I look at your previous ideas. You know what I see? I see pride. I see power. I see a bad-ass mother who don't take no crap off of nobody!   

       Now say it with me.
theleopard, Jul 06 2008

       I was like +1200 -130 before the crash. Honest.   

       Anyway, lots of ideas here benefit this site, regardless of whether they get bunned or boned. You can get a good idea of someone's "score" just by clicking their name and scanning the column of croissants/fish next to each idea. It just seems like a meaningless statistic.
phundug, Jul 07 2008

       // Now say it with me //   

       "IT !"   

       Happy now ?
8th of 7, Jul 07 2008

       Hello cousin.
Jinbish, Jul 07 2008

       Just because an idea has a 0 bun 100 fishbone does not mean it is a bad idea   

       ... I boned idea can still be interesting, and does not mean the author is bad...   

       (although in cases like myself... :P )
xxobot, Jul 07 2008

       I can think of at least one genitalian conserve based idea that has a mountain of bones... It's a terrible, horrible, icky idea. But it stands proud.
Jinbish, Jul 07 2008

       dunno, really... I might be tempted to up my 'score' by deleting boned ideas... thus paving the way for people to repost them... or ignore it completely which would defeat the purpose.
FlyingToaster, Jul 07 2008

       I have always felt bad about the votes lost in the crash. I always want to churn up those ideas and have everyone Re-Vote. One problem is there are different 'bakers here, with different ideas. Something that got a lot of buns before, might not get them now, but still, some sort of *icon* for ideas that lost all their votes- something like a broken vase...
xandram, Jul 07 2008

       // *icon* for ideas that lost all their votes //   

       It's called "New Labour" (apparently).   


       What sort of a symbol would you get if you lost your Marbles ?   

8th of 7, Jul 07 2008

       I was just looking over my old ideas - I had no idea what some of them from the title. I am, however, sure that many of the pre-crash ones have a completely different average rating to what they had before.   

       I think I just about break even on bones/croissants. But I'm proud of them all (especially the forgotten ones).
Loris, Jul 07 2008

       I have had so many past lives I lost count.   

       If I restored Spider Bells, and the Screaming Candy Dish thingy, I would prolly have about 500 really silly ideas, and perhaps one or two doable ones.
blissmiss, Jul 07 2008

       //I would prolly have about 500 really silly ideas, and perhaps one or two doable ones.//   

       The ideal Halfbakery portfolio!
Jinbish, Jul 07 2008

       Spider Bells! bestest ever.
po, Jul 07 2008

       Don't we have enough of the mob voting mentality without something like this?
RayfordSteele, Jul 07 2008

       Besides everyone knows that [FJ] kicked our collective asses in the creativity department.   

       I know I'm about 4 years too late on this, but couldn't all the pre-2004 crash votes be retrieved and reinstated using the wayback machine (aka internet archive)?
xaviergisz, Jul 08 2008

       I suspect that would be a lot of hassle. Maybe it would be feasible with the right army of Perl scripts - but still probably quite a lot of hassle with the integration of ideas. I mean, it's not just the number of votes - it's who voted! the wayback machine stores just the HTML does it not?   

       I would suggest that, if we have an enterprising Halfbaker, they take on the challenge of discovering the entire vote-set for the Halfbakery at circa September 30 2004.   

       Otherwise, [jutta] did a great job rescuing the ship, let's go forward to new frontiers and give honour to the fallen pastries...
Jinbish, Jul 08 2008

       If we were that bothered we could always look 'em up on the wayback machine ourselves, and add pre-crash scores to the start of the idea.
But it isn't important is it? If you're going to be spidering wayback, I'd rather it identify ideas which were lost or make a searchable index.
Loris, Jul 08 2008

       //I read somewhere the Way Back Machine was one of the sources for resurrection//   

       Yes, I seem to remember it was. However, there's a 6 month delay before the information is freely available, so I suppose a few months of data were lost.
Loris, Jul 14 2008

       There's a detailed description of the restoration process linked to from the "What's new" page at the Nov 1 2004 entry.
jutta, Jul 15 2008

       //So, if a HBer has posted 43 ideas, and received 521 buns and 415 bones, their "score" would be 106 buns; indicating that on average, their ideas are more liked than disliked//

Not necessarily! If all the fishbones were received for just one of those 43 ideas and the croissants were evenly spread over the other 42 then, on average their ideas are more liked than disliked and by using a 'mean' average to calculate the score you would be mis-representing the reality.
DrBob, Jul 15 2008

       "Proudly misrepresenting reality since 1956"
normzone, Jul 15 2008


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