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Fishbone botnet

It's simply not cricket
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..but it might resemble aspects of lacrosse.

I'm not going to name names, but a rumour has been circulating Big House that a veritable panoply of fishboning botnets accounts may be in existence.

I shall say no more.

I am going to turn out the lights, for ten seconds and I expect to see all the fishbone botnets accounts on my desk when I turn the lights back on.

<click of light-switch>One ...two...three

not_morrison_rm, May 18 2012

How to measure if you're a psycho... http://en.wikipedia...ychopathy_Checklist
Issued only by certified types, as the test will give some disturbing results otherwise. [RayfordSteele, May 23 2012]

I kept seeing *fishbone hairnet* http://2.bp.blogspo...ishbone_braids3.jpg
[xandram, May 23 2012]


       I think I heard something scuttle under the fridge...
Alterother, May 18 2012


       Who boned me!   

       If the boy concerned doesn't step forward it'll be triple PE for the whole class, with extra cold showers.   

       I'm waiting...
not_morrison_rm, May 19 2012

not_morrison_rm, May 19 2012

       Our headmaster (also our Anglican priest) once threatened that he would not eat until the thieves who took the bell from the school chapel owned up.   

       No-one did and he didn't lose any weight so we concluded he was not only a blackmailer but a liar, too.
UnaBubba, May 19 2012

       Your old headmaster - that was a truly crap threat, straight out of the Popular Front for Judea (Suicide Squad) manual..   

       In the HB context...I'd think having a cat strapped to your face, when the only tool to remove it is a howitzer and the borg is the one doing the aiming, would prove a deterrent to most people..
not_morrison_rm, May 19 2012

       Cool! Another bone as well!
pocmloc, May 19 2012

       Right! Extra runny,cold tapioca for a week..
not_morrison_rm, May 19 2012

       Four bones!   

       That really, really hideous cheap bacon, apparently cooked in the heart of the sun, with partly-cooked liver is a watery liquid alleged to be gravy..
not_morrison_rm, May 20 2012

       Whatever happened to bacon rashers with white bone fragments?
Phrontistery, May 20 2012

       //bacon rashers with white bone fragments   

       forgotten about that bit..   

       Right, Triple R.E. and doing the the school play, ok who's going to be Nanki-Poo?
not_morrison_rm, May 20 2012

       This sounds like something out of 'The Wall'. Are British schools really still like this, or are you being Pythonesque?
Alterother, May 20 2012


       In the States there are shootings, in the UK we have to make do with staging Gilbert and Sullivan light operettas.   

       One of these results in greater, longer lasting trauma.
not_morrison_rm, May 20 2012

       I want names. Names of those doing this so that [po] can yell at them.
blissmiss, May 20 2012

       One's called Gilbert and the other one is Sullivan, I suspect a ouija board might be needed for the shouting...   

       <wonders if it is possible to telesales the dead with a ouija board?>
not_morrison_rm, May 20 2012

       There's a reason that "Pythonesque" is the way it is, isn't there, [Morrison minor]?   

       Hmm, boy? Speak up! Let's hear what you have to say, [Morrison minor]! I can't hear you!
Don't hide your light under a bushel, lad, lest it go out, hmm?

       <Fuck, I hated masters pulling this shit on us when I was at boarding school. Still feeling the mental anguish of being publicly humiliated by some unassailable, tenured twat with a drippy nose and sunken chest.>
UnaBubba, May 20 2012

       A lawyer can mess up you life temporarily, a really naff teacher has a longer lasting effect. Currently working on i-ouija board for a spot of cold-calling..
not_morrison_rm, May 21 2012

       It's funny, I went back to the old school in my late 20s, for an old boys' reunion. The teachers who tried so hard to lord it over us were short, balding, paunchy, ineffectual pricks and nowhere near as intimidating as they seemed when I was 12-17 years old.   

       I even had the pleasure of bankrupting one of them, about 12 years ago.
UnaBubba, May 21 2012

       The simple pleasures in life..I remember not getting shot by a cheesemonger in Egypt, if that counts?
not_morrison_rm, May 21 2012

       Someone's got a mean streak. Yeesh.
Phrontistery, May 21 2012

       Never said I didn't, mate.
UnaBubba, May 22 2012

       Surprised nobody tried a "quantifying mean streaks" post yet, and what would the system of measurements be?
not_morrison_rm, May 22 2012

       There was a pretty good Radiolab episode the other day on how many traits are shared between some successful leaders / CEOs and psychopaths, using a psychopathy test they developed in the 80's. Link...
RayfordSteele, May 22 2012

       //....once threatened that he would not eat until the thieves who took the bell from the school chapel owned up// Maybe he took it himself. In this way he could satisfy all outcomes. ie he keeps the bell, he confesses, and he eats.
xenzag, May 22 2012

       Nope. We knew who had stolen it, because we had hidden it in the pool maintenance shed.
UnaBubba, May 22 2012

       //did the shit hit the fan   

       Perhaps the cotton balls were there to mop that up afterwards, some kind of pre-emptive and yet recursive cleaning strategy...
not_morrison_rm, May 23 2012

       That sort of behaviour is either bullying if it's done to everyone or bastardisation if it's done to an individual, [21Q]. Either way, it epitomises a lot of what's wrong with military culture.
UnaBubba, May 24 2012

       In training, I disagree. It foments the concept that things will turn against you for no reason whatsoever, and that the error or misfortune of one soldier effects the entire unit as a whole. In battle, things turn to shit through random happenstance and the only way to deal with it is by everybody acting as one. This seemingly petty overeaction and arbitrarily sanctioned discipline in basic training is a way to mentally and emotionally prepare fresh recruits for such hardship without getting anyone killed.   

       In routine military domesticity, or when overdone in training, yes, it's bullying.
Alterother, May 24 2012

       <wonders if he should delete the post before the fishbones reach critical mass and/or event horizon>   

       <stops wondering about that and wonders why HB has never been DDOS'd by anonymous..suspicious...>
not_morrison_rm, May 25 2012

       And the sub-par IQs of military basic training recruits are supposed to be able to draw a distinction between conditioning and abuse? Is it warm under that flat rock, [Alter]
UnaBubba, May 25 2012


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