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Halfbakery Electoral College

A weighted voting system.
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As everyone has suddenly become interested in voting systems again, if only for five minutes, I thought I'd climb aboard the bandwagon and express my admiration for the system of weighted voting.

The idea, in this case, is that everyone's vote receives a weighting according to how long they have had an account on the halfbakery. The longer you've been on, the bigger vote you get (except that jutta's vote is always 51% of the total, as hers is the only one that counts anyway).

This would have very few advantages over the current sytem except for two.

Firstly, it would be impossible to post an idea and then create loads of new accounts in order to boost the vote and secondly, your halfbakery sign-on would actually become a thing of value (if you value votes on the halfbakery that is) to be cherished and willed to your offspring or possibly even sold on to people with more money than sense.

Alternatively, votes could be weighted by the number of times that you toady to the bakesperson. By the way jutta, have I mentioned how well you're looking...

DrBob, Nov 17 2000


       As the US Prez elections have demonstrated, an electoral system which no one completely understands provides fantastic entertainment. Therefore I'm in favour of this idea.
I think Jutta is far, far too clever and altogther a wonderful person to succumb to the blatant flattery that you proffer, DrBob.
hippo, Nov 17 2000

       How dare anyone try to even suggest to Jutta, Queen For Life, Whose Beauty Illuminates the screen, how to share Her Divine Wisdom with we lesser mortals. And the very thought of starting or ending my day without chanting "Hare Jutta, Jutta Hare" sickens me.
thumbwax, Nov 17 2000

       Yes. Yes. No. Me too. Fortunately, Jutta caught them and killed the votes...Some people are just such losers...
StarChaser, Nov 18 2000

       I'm too lazy to create a new account just to raise a fishbone to a croissant. Besides, I wear my fishbone with honor (not just a half fishbone, a WHOLE one!).
AfroAssault, Nov 19 2000

       Yeah all we have to do is to wear Half Bakery shirts and hats and coffeemugs and banners and let the world know.
abadon, Nov 09 2007

       How about a chaotic system that randomly changes your vote to 10 bones, 10 buns and anything in between? It wouldn't be so hard: we could borrow the device used to count votes in most elections. They do a pretty good job of chaotic counting.
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 09 2007

       Well, while I don't give a rodent's fundament about votes, while we're comparing voting systems, we already have electronic traceability for our votes, only viewable by the person who controls the source, so we don't need to make any changes there to mirror our national system.   

       Maybe we could add mail-in paper ballots to the system, which the moderators would have to count and review for hanging chads.   

       To echo the Florida debacle at the beginning of this regime, perhaps the "for" and "against" fields could be made more confusing.   

       Of course, I know that Jutta's level headed judgement and high wisdom score would not allow her to do such a thing.
normzone, Nov 09 2007


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