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Halfbaked Fairies

Didn't this idea used to have...?
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Since the great 'bakery crash, I've been mourning several thousand votes. Although this idea panders to little more than my ego, my ego is a very important thing.

I think we need a halfbaked fairy, or a group of halfbaked fairies, who visit ideas, and sprinkle votes over them.

It would be an easy act of kindness for each baker to occasionally check webarchive.com and boost a random author's ego, maybe with a sweet email to the author.

*edited 18/11/04

Fishrat, Nov 16 2004


       Hey, shouldn't this idea used to have had one million votes?
Fishrat, Nov 16 2004

       Someone went through my ideas and bunned most of them (ok, there was a fish or two, but not many). Thank you halfbaked fairy.
Worldgineer, Nov 16 2004

       If that makes you better than me, could you be my better half?
Fishrat, Nov 16 2004

       The annotations could potentially be scanned for +/-. Not complete, of course
theircompetitor, Nov 16 2004

       That's a thought, Fishrat - which is your better half? Fish or rat?
lostdog, Nov 16 2004

Fishrat, Nov 16 2004

       rash fit! someone give a bun to painting dancing feet and I will be more than happy...   

       what are we doing with the flipping marvellous fakebakery?
po, Nov 16 2004

       [Worldgineer] - [Someone went through my ideas and bunned most of them]   

       Really ? Gosh, someone went through most of my ideas and burned them.....maybe they were overbaked.......
normzone, Nov 16 2004

       I woke up this morning and my wallet had been stolen, but under my pillow was one of my teeth. Fankyou Halfbakery Fairy.
benfrost, Nov 16 2004

Worldgineer, Nov 16 2004

       <wipes bloody tear from ben>
po, Nov 16 2004

       I think this is a nice idea. After the crash I felt so sorry that many ideas (some of my favorites, like lostdog's) lost all their votes that I play "Fairy Pericles" every now and then. I pick some regular baker's account and go through his/her ideas. It's fun to discover some that I missed when they were originally posted.   

       I also created a view that allows me to see in which ideas I have added an anno since I've been at the HB -even if I can't remember all the ideas I've voted for, and against, I can go back to those where I have made an annotation and re-set my vote.
Pericles, Nov 17 2004

       jutta - i'm definately talking about voting, not anno(y)ing. and sending vibes of course. just your essential fairy activities, and nothing that would bring old ideas back round and clog up the 'bakery. k?
Fishrat, Nov 17 2004

       Ah, yes, but, well... I reserve the right to pretend I was drunk when I wrote that bit. You're right of course - that should be a sweet email, not an anno. I'll change the idea after everyone's had a chance to giggle at my stupidity.
Fishrat, Nov 17 2004

       at least partially baked... My Watermaze idea had an awful lot of buns before the crash, and does again after the crash. Maybe popular ideas will always float to the surface, fairies or no.
simonj, Feb 01 2009

       What is with the HB navel gazing recently?
WcW, Feb 02 2009

       dunno, but there seemed to be a dearth of posting beforehand.
FlyingToaster, Feb 02 2009


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