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Fishbone to Croissant conversion

When the 'Bakery hands you fish, make croissants
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Our mass spectrograph here at csea labs has confirmed that fishbones and croissants have roughly equal parts of their elemental constituants.

So it should be possible (theoretically) to create facsimile, one from the other. And it being much more popular to receive buns than fish, I will study the forward-entropy case, and leave the reductio-ad-absurdem case as an exercise for the student.

To this end, I propose a process through which fishbone material can be baked into a luscious new croissant:

1) freeze-dry the fishbone.
2) extract fish-oil, convert to butter substitute.
3) reduce fishbone to fishmeal.
4) prepare dough using fishmeal.
5) add butter subst. from #2.
6) rollout in triangular form, and shape into familiar
croissant shape.
7) bake at 400 deg. F, for 8 minutes or until golden brown.

One fairly bad idea serves 4.

I'm off to make dinner!

csea, Jul 05 2006

Fishbone Magnet [pashute, Mar 22 2011]


       Here, have some fuel...   

       (No, wait, that's cruel, I'll probably switch it back later on. But do file it somewhere in the Halfbakery category.)
DrCurry, Jul 05 2006

       Is the algorithim reversable? I mean, I may need to make visci (oh god. I mispelled algorithum already (twice now) and I am going to try to spell the name for french fish bone broth. Yeah right.)
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 05 2006

       If I must, the reverse process goes like:   

       1) freeze-dry the croissant
2) extract butter, let become rancid and "fishy"
3) reduce croissant flour to bone meal
4) shape bone meal into faux-bone shape with press
5) bake at 500 degrees for a few hours.
6) exhume rancid butter, apply to newly created fishbone to assure fishiness.
csea, Jul 05 2006

       Im confused now ... bun or bone....?
MoreCowbell, Jul 05 2006

       1) Tear piece off bun
2) Place on hook from fishing pole ...
Worldgineer, Jul 05 2006


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