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Change the name of halfbakery

Lets make the name of the HB better
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I propose changing the name to 'Wouldn't the world be wacky if...'.

That way people could add their ideas without being fishboned. Let's think of a few examples of the quality of ideas which would have people clutching their sides with the hilarity ..: 'A scuba diving suit that can fly' 'shoes which double up as spare tires' 'A restaurant which turns upside down now and again .. hohoho' 'A man that follows you around and does your swearing for you, so you don't have to' 'instead of walking, everyone could hover everywhere'

You get the idea!

Or alternatively just a tickbox author-selectable against each idea .. which is checked if the idea is 'just something really stupid that has no chance of ever working - but I can't think of anything at the moment, and I just want to 'add' '. That way no-one has to bother reading it.

... (runs ducking for cover!!)

britboy, Jan 24 2005


       Every once in a while, I'm fed up with this, too, but then someone posts something that I find genuinely funny, and I realize that my complaint isn't with fiction, it's with too much, and *bad*, fiction.
jutta, Jan 24 2005

       Yea I agree I was a little harsh then .. can I re-word to say 'if you've got something that is quite comical give it a go no problem .. if you haven't .. stop trying .. pause for breath .. have something to eat .. try again in 30 minutes' ?!
britboy, Jan 24 2005

       And, frequently, sober up first.
jutta, Jan 24 2005

       My days are numbered.
skinflaps, Jan 24 2005

       With RANDOM numbers! Generated by MONKEYS! With SQUIRT GUNS!
jutta, Jan 24 2005

       Mmm, maybe therefore my next idea *should be* something useful.   

       Velcro jackets designed for onions and potatos, so that they stick together, preventing them from seperating and rolling around on the floor.
skinflaps, Jan 24 2005

       Horses tend to startle at the sound of velcro ripping. I've trained all my horses not to, simply by announcing "Velcro..." before each rip.   

       Which comes in handy while eating onions and potatoes on horseback.   

       The halfbakery is more than the sum of it's parts....probably should be named digitally..... .5012837-bakery or something.   

       Damn monkey - now I've got to dry my glasses.
normzone, Jan 24 2005


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