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A new musical instrument.
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Take a large soup tureen and drill, in a verical line, down one side, a number of holes that are similar in size to those found on a recorder, or penny whistle.

Then, cut a square from the the opposite side. Cover the opening with pyrex or some other translucent material. Reattach the removed square on sliders, to create an adjustable aperture.

Place the instrument over a squawking parrot, howler monkey or other noisy creature. Close the sliding aperture and, having confused the animal into thinking it is night, silence will ensue.

When your fingers are limbered up, slide up the aperture to allow in light, which should start the creature making its noise. Finger the drilled holes to alter the note emitted.

calum, Feb 19 2005


       Where do the fish come in?
robinism, Feb 19 2005

       Named after the inventor, I believe.
waugsqueke, Feb 19 2005

po, Feb 19 2005

       3 down: one word, 9 letters, 'kind of like a cacophone' (adj.)
moomintroll, Feb 19 2005

       I thought I made that word up.
po, Feb 19 2005

       Oh. I thought you were being really clever and witty.
moomintroll, Feb 19 2005

       what, me? sorry to disappoint.
po, Feb 19 2005

       Cats would probably just meow alot, wanting to be let out. They would probably bat at your fingers, too. :)
DesertFox, Feb 20 2005

       And wildcats would rip your fingers off - which would probably alter the sound, now that I think about it. I can see a cult star for the fishophone being named "Stubby" or "Mittens."
shapu, Feb 20 2005


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