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Large Musical Cacophony Umbrella Array

use the randomness of rain strikes to create a percussive musical experience
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Large Musical Cacophony Umbrella Array is best explained by standing under a single umbrella in a quiet place on a day when there is persistent rain.

Given that the individual segmented panels of most umbrellas are under equal tension, the noise of the rain striking them is fairly consistent.

Now consider how the sound would change if each panel was under a different tension. Whilst some drops would make a dull thud against a slack surface, others hitting a panel under greater tension would generate a sharp snap, like a snare drum.

This is the basic principal behind the Umbrellas in the Array. The tensioners for each panel are controlled by a program that can alter the pattern of the sound of the rain striking the membranes in such a way as to create a musical experience for those who spend time sheltering underneath.

The Array itself has multiple umbrellas set up in a public place so that a group of people can either linger in order to enjoy a full length symphony, or just be subjected to a brief cacophony as they casually pass by.

xenzag, Aug 20 2008

Mechanically controlled http://en.wikipedia...ic_box_elements.jpg
Have one of these music box-like devices [swimr, Aug 21 2008]


       Well I think you've got the basses covered.   

       I'm not sure if this would be musically pleasing in reality but I like the thinking behind the idea.
Yarely, Aug 21 2008

       Nice - and this would give employment to umbrella-tuners ("Would sir like his umbrella to play a minor chord or a major chord?")
hippo, Aug 21 2008

       Yay! [+] If it ever actually rained here I would build one.
gomer, Aug 21 2008

       This should definitely be implemented with the rainbow-type umbrella that has panels of different colour.
Jinbish, Aug 21 2008

       + loverly!!
xandram, Aug 21 2008

       It would be really cool, if you could have your own personal umbrella, that has a little wind-up key, like for little cars and music boxes and such.   

       A device similar to those in music boxes [Link] could control the tension in the umbrella, playing a song as it rains. [+]
swimr, Aug 21 2008

       I like the tenor of your thought. I think it will bassoon applauded, and drum up a fair few buns. I note that the annotators have conducted themselves admirably, and in a civil tone. Sounds like a winner.   

       Could we have the panels made out of differing materials as well, like brass and wood? You know, to sax it up a bit? Unless that's an altogether other kettle of fish. I don't want to take the wind out of your sails, or string this out unnecessarily.   

       I'm sure others will chime in with their own suggestions.
BunsenHoneydew, Aug 24 2008


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