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Cool your first beer in just seconds.
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You get home from the distributor with a couple cases of beer and can't wait to crack one open and enjoy. But if they are warm, no one can enjoy them, can's or bottles take up to 10 mins in a fridge to get seriously cold. So why not have a spray CO2 can the cool down that first beer while the others are in the fridge.

Those CO2 cartriges are expensive and maybe not practical. So does anyone else have a decent idea? (hurry! my beers warm)

weller, Dec 07 2002

Ice Rod http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Ice_20Rod
Seems like you could use this to stir your beer. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]

"Practical on-demand beer cooler" http://www.halfbake...and_20beer_20cooler
[egnor, Oct 04 2004]

"Single Can Chiller" http://www.halfbake...gle_20Can_20Chiller
[egnor, Oct 04 2004]


       What kind of fridge do you have that it makes your beer seriously cold in 10 minutes?
notme, Dec 07 2002

       have we done a tankard made of ice?
po, Dec 07 2002

       Move this into "product: drink cooler" where all the "instant beer cooler" ideas live. Then delete it.
egnor, Dec 07 2002

       LEAST EXPENSIVE: $2.65 4 wheel drive toy truck from Walmart ("4-Fours" model) on top of can on top of ice. 1 AA battery = 50 cans cooled. Room temp to ice cold in about 70 seconds +-10.   

       BEST WAY: Embed can in ice water in large ultrasonic home jewelery cleaner for about 35 seconds. Transducer on side of can is slightly faster. Fastest if can is horizontal. Think Rankin Cycle.   

       PELTIER DEVICE with ultrasonic movement is the best of the best economically but more expensive to do it right.   

       THE ULTIMATE domestic trick is to circulate the contents away from the aluminum walls (while completely submerged horizontally in ice water) as quickly as possible. Think Rankin ultrasonic combo with ice which would have no 'visible' moving parts. Peltier would be slower without expensive electronic control - faster than ice with the control.
IG, Feb 24 2007

       Um, superduperredundant- -pooperscoopersupersleuther, [-]
quantum_flux, Feb 25 2007

       Stop trying to move mountains, just move closer to the pub. No co2, ultrasonics, or moving parts required!
the dog's breakfast, Feb 25 2007


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