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Five Pillars of Islam Logbook

Organizer for your Islamically good deeds!!
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Perfect for those who are both forgetful and are Muslims, the Five Pillars of Islam Logbook is a handy organizer formatted to neatly record and codify all of the different ways you serve the will of Allah from day to day. In case you can't decide if what you did was an act of charity or of self-purification through fasting, there is also a handy laminated "quick-guide" pamphlet enclosed with a list of criteria to make determining which action goes with which pillar a whole lot easier.
Babyhead, Jun 15 2004

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       I hear just keeping an active and visible log of your itemized energy costs can reduce those costs by up to 5%. It's literally something from nothing. Or rather, something from logging data. Anyways, perhaps this would work along the same lines?
daseva, Mar 13 2008


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