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pre-written diary III

find out what you *could* do
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You write a diary, in online formatt every day. (it may be public online or protected with a password.) This service provides you (by the next morning) with a pre-written account of what you *could* do the next day if you were to get everything right.
futurebird, Dec 29 2002


       So, it takes your actions for the past 12 Mondays and theorizes what you *could* accomplish tomorrow? Or does it treat everyday as an extension on the last and just theorize what could be done next? Then, when you enter what you *actually* did, does it reset the bar a bit...either higher or lower as the case may be?
Marassa, Dec 29 2002

       Interesting... I might actually get my life moving again with this. Like a smart, adaptable 'to-do' list. With a large enough database it would actually be doable to some extent, although not perfect.   

       Life's adaptable real-time little instruction booklet?
RayfordSteele, Dec 29 2002

       Yes. Victoria's Secret girls again.   

       Who says you can have too much of a good thing?   

       [Marassa], indeed, I guess you might need some sort of Bayesian algorithm to determine your daily activity aptitude and content?   

       That makes my head hurt, just thinking about it.
cswiii, Dec 30 2002

       I think a good writer could do this. I might even start something like this in one of the online diary communities I belong to. Only I'd do it without asking, each day I'd write a new entry for the future for a different person... this could be fun...
futurebird, Dec 30 2002

       What you can do is limited by what you have done. If you drive to Texas and go to sleep there you can't wake up in Main. If you don't pay your bills you can't have perfect credit the next day. If you shave your head your hair won't be long in the morning...   

       Yes you can do anything, but anyone who took a look at what you do today could make a good guess about what'd you do the next day.
futurebird, Dec 30 2002

       Whoever gets this system would be really shocked to have "You will die of a gunshot tomorrow while trying to get into your car after you lock yourself out." Talk about a bad day.
Tangora, Dec 19 2005


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