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pre-written diary

self-explanatory name
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It's a diary that is already written with your own memoirs. Well, think about when you get old, you won't remember things very clearly so get a pre-written diary and save up your time now doing stuff, instead of writting about it. (I think I should get one for myself)
qleoca, Jul 02 2000


       The whole idea is scary. Do we really have so little control over our lives that everything that will happen in the future is pre-determined? If that's the case, a number of questions become valid. 1. If everything has already been pre-determined, are we (and should we be) responsible for our actions? 2. Why are some people more succesful than others & who determines who will be succesful or not? You can't base that on peoples actions because the people have no control over their own actions. Discuss. :)
MrTheRich, Jul 04 2000

       I have a similar idea but it is a post writen diary. One you don't knowingly write. In the future it could remind you of what you have done in the past. For example everything you discard, like a long conversations in a chat rooms. And every thing you look up on-line i.e. pictures and advertisements. And all those love notes that made it to the recycle bin in high school. Lets say they were compiled and given to you in the future in one form or another.
mika_ranta, Jul 04 2000

       Actually, that's a valid point: We have very little---if any---conscious control over the creation of our own thoughts, any more than we "know" how to control the mechanisms necessary for us to do such things as speak, walk, or even stand. Indeed, millions of subtle processes continually take place in each of our billions of cells, completely unseen and uncontrolled by our conscious minds---yet we imagine we "know" who we are and what we're doing.   

       The whole thing could very well be an immense joke. We think we're in charge, but we could actually be stooges for immense, unseen forces determining our every living moment, like characters in a multi-dimensional video game.   

       Therefore, pre-written diaries make complete sense. We wouldn't be allowed to read them till after we died, though, or it would spoil the game. Who wants to see a movie where the characters keep saying, "Hey, remember, this is a movie"? (In fact, I probably shouldn't even be posting this.)
Ander, Jul 26 2000

       I really liked the part in the Illuminatus Trilogy where a side character stated something like, "I've determined that we're living in a book -- and I think I've found the way out."   

       You don't hear from that character ever again.   

       It's a little tiny plot point, but oh so cool -- once I figure out how to escape from this universe to a younger one, you'll never hear from me again.
Thing 1, Jul 27 2000

       I've an even better idea. Forget the diary entirely. If you get to the point when you can't remember, I'd imagine you'd not be able to read too well either!
ccaamgw, Jul 27 2000

       SOunds to me like you need several variations based on philsophy - the self-determinists just get an outline and a death date, the christians diary has an extra section for 'second-life' (the buddhists obviously need multple diaries), etc...
goff, Sep 27 2000

       i don't really like the idea of having a life made up for me, because in twenty years, you might want to become a naturist, or do something else completely random like that, if you're not a naturist already that is. It might work for people like that wnat their life history spanned out for them - I think I know some people who would actually come out of it significantly better off in life.
iain, Oct 24 2000

       There's this episode in John LeCarré's "The little Drummer Girl": an actress gets trained to be a spy. They get her a complete new identity to fool some evil terrorist. Since she doesn't normally keep a diary, the secret services makes one up for her. She reads it and it's so realistic that she feels sick.
isa, Sep 06 2001

       you're taking all the fun out of being a diarist.
dingbats247, Aug 24 2002

       me and H have to get up at 5.30 to milk the cows - no time to write on one of them new-fangled dairies - gawd bless yer.
po, Aug 24 2002

       "21st January 1973 Tea with the Prime Minister again. Never realise that G. could be such a crashing bore. Another assignment in Papua dealing with the darkie uprising - guess I'll miss Sophia and the children again as they won't be back from the film shoot in Napoli by then. Yacht needs painting."
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 25 2005

       "The so-called, systemic anomoly, that if left unchecked, could threaten the entire system itself... Vageries of deception, temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying despreratly to find an answer to a life that is without meaning or purpose..." It's all true, 20 minutes from now the "temporary constucts" will have extended their life span to the brink and die off. You will then be faced with the choice of either existing on this plane as another worthless mind in a system, or, you can continue your research and escape this place therefore continuing the anomoly until an outside force intervines. I thank you for helping me understand the purpose of "YOUR" meaningless lives. Your response is "Huh?"
Tangora, Dec 19 2005


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