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Five blade propeller solar

Solar cells embedded in propeller blades drive the fan.
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A fan whose five blades are covered with solar cells.

a. Don't need to drag out power cord or solar collector, just point fan at the sun and your done.

b. With five blades producing slightly different power as the fan turns it might have built in commutation of some sort.

c. Blows when sunny, not at night or in the rain ?

d. Likely lighter than ordinary fan and solar collector combination.

e. Turn off by pointing away from sun.

f. Clean look with no cord

g. Use as spare collector (fan stopped but still point at sun.)

h. Applications: Crop drying ? Vent for outhouse or explosives shed? Air filtration? Weight sensitive for say boats?

I. Collector area is so limited and most cells not aimed at the sun, likely mean very little power to move air.

popbottle, Aug 16 2014


       Solar-powered ultralight model aircraft ?   

       This is certainly bakeable.
8th of 7, Aug 16 2014


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