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Fixed Speed Limit Control (FSLC)

Fixed Speed Limiter on Vehicles
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Link Speed Restrictions to the car. Impossible to Speed! Then apply a variable speed limit depending on the conditions (Empty motorway 3am m6, 150mph speed limit). Also apply modifiers for vehicles with enhanced safety features (Encourages people to buy cars with better safety installed). No more getting caught out with sneaky speed cameras, less traffic, more people traveling at quite times to get the higher speed limit. and .......... what do you think? … To Draconian? … ????
chathamrow, Jan 20 2004

Speed limit info http://sense.bc.ca/research.htm
[kbecker, Oct 04 2004]


       maybe if you made so that a car could go no more then x miles an hour depending on where it was in a highway network. but i dont have enough faith in an AI to have it determine my speed. what if i'm late? or my wife is giving birth in the passenger chair?
Space-Pope, Jan 20 2004

       //No more getting caught out with sneaky speed cameras// but that's the whole purpose of many speed traps. They are a source of income for the town. Didn't you ever get a ticket for $20 fine and $100 administrative fees, or something like that? There is no rational reason for most fixed speed limits except greed. (The flexible ones that adapt to traffic conditions are usually better.)   

       See also link for info.
kbecker, Jan 20 2004

       I like the rational behind this idea, however I think it might be too draconian as chathamrow said.
benlevi7, Jan 20 2004

       To many issues to deal with. What if a hacker breaks the code allowing someone to slow you down as they see fit.Brings a new meaning to carjacking. Will the government truly be so liberal as to allow you to go over 100 ever? As far as tieing modifiers on, like saftey features, There would be severe class issues involved.i.e. The rich with better cars always moving faster. Oh, and forget your Japanese motorcycles, might as well get out the schwin.
Antioc, Jan 21 2004

       Sure, 150 mph sounds greats--but no road would ever be rated that high for political reasons. Besides, speed laws exist primarily to enhance local revenues, not to protect the public. Drivers self-regulate.
ConsultingDetective, Jan 31 2004

       The GPS navigation systems could know (if they don't already) locally posted speed limits and govern the car. However, what punch219 said
theircompetitor, Jan 31 2004

       Yeah, too draconian. Good that you realized that concern though. Hey, you can always sell it to Pyongyang! :) (They have cars, right?)   

       There's one other potential problem: If everbody is going at the speed limit (I'd say slightly over the speed limit but your system prevents that) how is anyone going to pass or change lanes? Sometimes you need to go a little bit faster than everyone else even for normal, safe driving.
Madcat, Jan 31 2004


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