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Fixed dredging system.

Dont go near it when its running.
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Take a 1 mile long pipe, place one end where you want to get rid of muck and the other where you want the muck to go. The whole pipe would be powered by a engine with a fixed air intake system. It would have a large mouth for several underwater bull dozers to push muck into. The earth movers would be modified land dozers with a snorkal system and high powered lights. The pipe can be moved around to various locations but for the most part would be a permanent fixed feature of the underwater landscape. When a harbor needs to be dredged, the pump to the pipe is turned on and the dozers enter the water pushing all the sediment that has built up into the pipe which in turn takes the debris to a safe predetermined location.
Antegrity, Aug 30 2005


       This seems a lot more cumbersome than dredging barges currently used. How is it an improvement?
bungston, Aug 31 2005

       The Suction from the pipe removes particles from the surrounding water and increase visibility so the operators of the dozers can do a much more precise job than any surface dredger.
Antegrity, Aug 31 2005

       Will the pipe suction, and the resulting turbulence, not cause massive disturbance underwater? And is precision an advantage when digging tonnes of muck out of a harbour floor?
david_scothern, Aug 31 2005

       Whatever, this thing is needed in New Orleans.
bristolz, Aug 31 2005


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