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Airlines are concerned with improving in-flight experience. In an attempt to further this end airlines should construct vast arrays of WWII-like anti-aircraft flak batteries. Rather than taking down their own planes these altitude sensitive canisters will be filled with confetti!!! Instantly fliers will be in a world of fun and excitement! Brilliant shiny colors will surround them. I would suggest some music as well. Maybe some sort of aisle parade. Flakfetti.
Mr Buttersworth, Feb 04 2007

cannon launched confetti Explosive_20Paintball_20Flak_20Cannon
Nope, I'm wrong. Not really similar at all, but combinations of these two ideas would be cool. [Custardguts, Feb 05 2007]


       I'm sure I saw this here before...   

       Will be back with linky.
Custardguts, Feb 05 2007

       a-ha ha ha ha ah.   

       Thought so you sneaky bugger. I thought I was going insane there for a minute. Have you seen the idea in the link? Imagine drawing great big mountain ranges in the sky ahead or beside the plane for the passengers' amusement/terror?   

Custardguts, Feb 05 2007


       I reposted this idea from an old account, the old one isn't there anymore.   

       No I haven't but I like your idea which takes it the needed next step forward.
Mr Buttersworth, Feb 05 2007

       Aside from the name (which sounds to me like it could lead to some type of dandruff related celebration), this seems like fun. It'd put a little positive excitement into airline travel.
Salted Nuts, Feb 05 2007

       the confetti canister would probably be solid enough to shoot down an aircraft if it hit one dead on before the confetti released   

       and the confetti could get sucked into a jet intake
vmaldia, Feb 05 2007

       What? Great expense for needless, and likely to be ignored, entertainment- sounds like a capitalistic idea to me! Especially when one considers the potential environmental ramifications of this idea, compounded by the fact that it is based on pure vanity. (+) Take that nature!   

       //the confetti could get sucked into a jet intake//   

       Yeah, it could, but it probably wouldn't hurt anything, provided it's made of paper. Aluminumized plastic should be okay, too.   

       (Jet engines are sometimes cleaned by chucking in a handful of ground-up walnut shells. And they are tested by throwing in a dead chicken.)
baconbrain, Feb 05 2007

       21, its biodegradable, made out of ultra-compressed cow dung.
Mr Buttersworth, Feb 05 2007

       while i like this idea [+]. i have to disagree with you on one point.   

       /Airlines are concerned with improving in- flight experience/   

       what airlines do you fly????
tcarson, Feb 05 2007



       North Wefetti   

       United Fetti   

       But that. is. it.
Mr Buttersworth, Feb 07 2007

       Oh and of course...   

       JetFetti, how could I forget?
Mr Buttersworth, Feb 07 2007

methinksnot, Feb 07 2007

       This is way better than sucking birds into the engine!
MercuryNotMars, Feb 07 2007

       Not to be confused with Fettish Airways which has other methods of improving the in-flight experience.
marklar, Feb 08 2007

       Can we have a few vintage Junkers to harry the plane?
wagster, Feb 08 2007


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