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Plane Games

After they've confiscated your real weapons..
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Most people will agree that extended plane flights are both frustrating and tedious. I've also noticed that hours can pass in seemingly the blink of an eye while playing a computer game.

So one possible way of whiling away those airborne hours would be to decimate your fellow passengers through the medium of an in flight computer game system.

Most international carriers now have or are installing small LCD TVs in the back of all seats. I've heard that some airlines have very basic games on offer. It probably wouldn't take too much to extend this and have networked games (such as Half Life, Star Craft, Diabolo 2 etc) available.

You could even have sound through your standard earphones on dedicated channels.

For those less inclined to the gory, a series of chat boards would allow you to make acquaintance with like minded fellow passengers.

I think that any airline that implemented a system like this (at least for international flights) would enjoy a significant increase in popularity. This should be more than enough to defray the cost of outfitting planes with game systems.

madradish, Aug 28 2003

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I've tried it. It's good. [DrBob, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Why use a chatboard when you could just talk to the person next to you?
custardlove, Aug 28 2003

       I would guess that the vast majority of airline passengers are not in the 18-30 year old range and probably not too interested in Diablo 2 or StarCraft...
DeathNinja, Aug 28 2003

       [custardlove] - I do whenever possible, but sometimes they are asleep, unfriendly or deadly dull. Chatboards would allow you to uncover other passengers with similar interests who are seated elsewhere in the plane.   

       [DN] Well there's not too much else to do on planes. Any other suggestions for older age groups would be welcomed.
madradish, Aug 28 2003

       We were on a Singapore Air plane earlier this year that had networked games - though nothing gory, only chess and a few quizzes. I played a few games of chess with my other half next to me then whipped the ass of Lisa in 48E at a general knowledge quiz.
hazel, Aug 28 2003

       Your right. Such things do help while away the long hours as you fly across the empty wastelands of Siberia. That's why this idea has been baked by Virgin Airlines.
DrBob, Aug 28 2003

       I'd rather they dump all their money into making the stupid plane get there faster.
DeathNinja, Aug 28 2003

       Fairy nuff [DrB] I guess I didn't look hard enough. I'm not surprised Virgin are the first to do it though. Richard Branson is one clever clever man.
madradish, Aug 29 2003

       I've spent enough time on planes this year, and will be spending plenty more time on planes this year to think that this is not only a good idea but one that should be implemented imediately.
Gulherme, Aug 29 2003


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