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Flame-mail write-assist software..
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Having trouble coming up with the scorcher that the other party is simply crying for? Wish you could ignore them but not finding the will-power to resist?

Flameware will review your letter for wrath, pithiness, spelling, punctuation, and estimated reading level, and contains a database / thesaurus specifically dedicated to quality flame material. Use the FlameWizard and one of our many built-in form-letters to start, or design your own custom flame message.

Use our newest feature, the auto-flamer, versed in political discourses, religion, and a number of controversial internet topics, to send flames automatically with no user-intervention required.

"It looks like you're writing hatemail..."

RayfordSteele, Dec 08 2002


       "with no user-intervention required" - no more spam, PLEASE!
DrCurry, Dec 08 2002

       Hmmm... that would be rather spammish, wouldn't it?
RayfordSteele, Dec 08 2002

       Ah, the Nomex feature.
bristolz, Dec 08 2002

       ...use this to reply to all the spam you get.....
Marassa, Dec 08 2002

       Totaly baked! Every hear of a chat bot?
Chaos_5, Dec 09 2002

       better than the original, UB, wherever it is in the wardrobe!
po, Dec 09 2002


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