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Don't Ask Me Dictionary

An electronic dictionary which will answer without me asking
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English is not my first language. And I use dictionaries when I need to make a deeper reading to understand nuances..

But I don't like spending time using a dictionary. It takes time to open (run) a dictionary, search for the word. The worst part is: using the dictionary I sometimes totally forget what I was reading about. I would prefer a continuous reading, without bothering to ask the dictionary by cutting and copying or selecting the word. Let the dictionary know (estimate) which word I don't know and give me the definition of it under the word with one or two words. The definition will expand if clicked on.

The user will need to spend some time with the dictionary in advance. Software will test user's vocabulary and assign user a level. For example if the user is a beginner, it will write definitions of almost all the words of the text. If user is a level 5 user (intermediate) the dictionary will not to give definitions of words such as: apple, door, car, girl, boy...but will give definitions of words such as: aberration, demure, indolent,oblivious and etc.

User will have the option of clicking on a word and select "I know what this word is" so next time you are reading something that word won't have a definition under it.

can1073, Dec 03 2007


       So would this be a word processor feature? Sounds good. I had to scurry away and look up indolent.   

       Fashion: shoes?
Texticle, Dec 03 2007

       So you have a paucity of literary comprehension?
Brett-Blob, Dec 04 2007

       Interesting idea but can see this feature being a little overkill with it always giving definitions for every word. You mentioned that it could be taught what the user's vocabulary level is but this technically is a word-by-word basis of learning which will take long before it starts hammering into what words you dont know...   

       I think a better approach would be a plugin that works across all apps (and in the browser) that when the user right-click's a word he can immedaitely get a definition on it within the popup-menu (e.g., there will be a selection called "Define" in the popup menu and when the user hovers mouse on it it gives the definition of the word that the mouse right-clicked on -- you dont click on "define" to get the definition). This plugin is baked and called "Dictionary Lookup Extension" for Firefox.   

       I do like the approach though of it giving a short summary of what the word means without the full-blown definition but i just dont trust it can know all the words i know, at least not for a long time of practice.   

       I would like to give you a [+] bun but can you try selling me more on your idea?
quantass, Dec 04 2007

       Quantas, thanks for your message. As you mentioned it is very closed to "firefox's dictionary lookup extension".   

       The difference I proposed was that this extension may be programmed to run in the background and without me needing to click on an unfamiliar word the dictionary automatically writes the definition or a synonym under the word with smaller and different font (and also in different color). I am also not sure how it will look in the screen when too many words' definition are showed.   

       It took me about an hour too look through "1000 most frequently used words of English" So I don't think it will take too long to teach the dictionary which words I know which I don't. I would estimate 10 hours is enough. And it doesn't have to be 100% accurate, from time to time there may be words whose defition I know but the dictionary thinks I don't and vice versa which can be corrected easily.   

       And the dictionary can warn me that it is already time to learn that particular word as I have encountered X number of times in the last Y number of months. The definition will blink indicating that it won't show next time.   

       Optionally the dictionary will show me the texts where I have met with that word.   

       This can also be thought as a language learning tool.
can1073, Dec 04 2007

       can1073...ok you've sold me...croissant for you.
quantass, Dec 04 2007

{What they said}

       Have the definition pop up only when the mouse pointer is hovered over the word. Quicker than right clicking.
37PiecesOf Flair, Dec 04 2007

       [37Piecesof Flair] -- good point..thanks for pointing that out.
quantass, Dec 04 2007


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