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continuous simulated ski slope

"New model - now makes hot chocolate too!"
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A sort of conveyer-belt/ jogging machine apparatus about 2m long, covered in the material they use on dry ski slopes and set at an angle, which you can ski down. The 'speed' of the slope varies continuously based on careful measurements of your speed down the slope and the angle of the slope (up/down and side-to-side) also varies continuously based on a preprogrammed ski slope profile (based on a real ski slope somewhere). The slope in front of you is shown on a giant video screen so you know what turns, changes in angle, moguls, etc. are coming up.
hippo, Feb 09 2006

Endless Slope http://www.endlesslope.com/
Agh! - I missed this in my initial search. Remind me never to become a patent lawyer. This, however doesn't have the variable up/down and side-to-side tilting or the giant screen. [hippo, Feb 09 2006]


       throw in an abominable snowman breathing down your neck, to encourage more twisting and turning and put the whole thing in a variable condition, snow blowing tunnel... +
xenzag, Feb 09 2006

       Mount it in a very fast elevator and it could simulate ski-jumping too [+]
coprocephalous, Feb 09 2006

       bury the odd participant in a randomly triggered avalanche......   

       "Did you hear about George last night at the simulated ski slope? - yep - took em two hours to dig his ass out - guess he won't be howling and whooping like a hyena for a while"
xenzag, Feb 09 2006

       Oh golly!
Jscotty, Feb 09 2006


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