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Flasher / Mooner License

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This was inspired by the linked "Flasher Law" - I decided not to put it as an anno becuase it looks like that idea might soon be deleted.

At venues where flashing / mooning is de rigeur (so to speak) one could sell licenses to those persons so inclined. Alternatively, bystanders might purchase a license for someone in hopes that he or she will put it to use. The licenses could then be exhibited affixed to or dangling from the parts in question. The licenses would be humorous, and sold by people fundraising for a charitable cause.

bungston, Jan 30 2006

Flasher / Mooner Law Flasher_2fMooner_20Law
The seed. [bungston, Jan 30 2006]


       I love it. The part about buying a license for someone else in hope of him/her using it is pure genious in my book, that gets a bun.
Pac-man, Jan 30 2006

       Ah, [21]. How to reply?
bungston, Jan 31 2006

       Not true, [21]. [bungston] didn't state which people would be allowed to get a license, just that they would be available. Just like if you wanted to sell something in Venice Beach you have to get a license first.   

       as someone who once sold licenses to create graffiti - I have to approve +
xenzag, Jan 31 2006

       Sounds good to me. Flashing should come with a certain amount of training, to be sure that people who flash know when it is, and is not appropriate to flash. I suspect this knowledge is far more inportant than what the flasher actually looks like.
ye_river_xiv, Jan 12 2008


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