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When words are inadiquate to the occasion...
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...Hand the person an "emoticard" with a visual image (not just ascii, but any appropriate visual cue) of that certain 'je ne sais quoi', to let them know how you feel. Might be useful in realms ranging from speed dating to any number of awkward situations encountered by the verbally tongue-tied. Print your contact info on the other side so the recipient remembers who gave it to them. Could also break the ice if you don't speak the other person's language... --Good gift for shy guys to pass about at BurningMan? draw your emotion on one side; draw map to your campsite on the other. All the hotties are at places where it's too loud to talk, soooo...
Steamboat, Jan 01 2005


       Um. Might get you some until it gets played out, which would probably be PDQ.
Eugene, Jan 02 2005

       Might also be useful in soccer/UK Football. The cards wouldn't even need to have pictures, they could just have colors.
contracts, Jan 02 2005

sninctown, Jan 30 2006


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