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Flashlight fly attachment

Attach a special box on the end of a flashlight
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Flies are a terrible thing, especially when camping, because tents have no hard surfaces on which to thwack them.

Thus, we design a fly-catching box, and attach it to the end of a flashlight. Since flies are drawn to light, they will enter the box, and then you can collapse the box, thus crushing the miserable buggers.

ye_river_xiv, Jul 13 2008

Todger Torch Todger_20Torch
by [DenholmRicshaw] with illustration by [bz] [csea, Jul 19 2008]



       This is one of those plausable ideas that is quite creative, and probably will be made available for a mere $19.99 very soon. I love it!+
blissmiss, Jul 14 2008

       Heck, I thought this was a way to light your way to the loo without having to hold the flashlight in your hands. But, [+] anyhow. It should even work for Millers too.   

       Added: When it goes into production, call it the "Venus Flytrap Flashlight"
Klaatu, Jul 14 2008

       Instead, you can just take any box and perform a topological inversion. Presto: all flies everywhere captured at once! Along with the rest of the universe except for the stuff that was already in the box. There is a theory that states that this has already happened (apologies to Douglas Adams).
luxlucet, Jul 14 2008

       Perhaps have one with a CO2 attachment for capturing midges...
Jinbish, Jul 14 2008

       How about a flashlight with a flip-top lens cap (controllable by a trigger)? If a fly land on the lens, flip the top and it smushes the fly. Clean the flashlight and repeat as needed.
phundug, Jul 14 2008

       Yes, Undead. Flies that are not dead are a serious problem, to which Science should devote more energy...   

       Ok, so stuffing it in the "Science: Energy: Undead" category is a bit dishonest...
ye_river_xiv, Jul 19 2008

       //I thought this was a way to light your way to the loo without having to hold the flashlight in your hands.//   

       [Klaatu], you're thinking of [link] with awesome illustration by [bristolz].
csea, Jul 19 2008

       What an attractive idea! If the box contains a glue board, bugs will stick there. +
Amos Kito, Jul 19 2008


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