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IEC Power Cable to Extension Lead Adapter

Small adapter to turn a standard PC power cable into a normal extension lead
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Lots of people in the western world, and probably every business that has more than one computer, have an excess of those standard (IEC) PC power cables. As they are, they are useful only for plugging a computer into the wall.

I suggest a little adapter that plugs into the computer end and provides a standard socket as you would find in the wall, turing them into extension leads.

Any growing business tends to order extension leads as if they were consumables, meanwhile the collection of idle computer power cables grows. This adapter would solve two problems at once.

Krisjohn, Nov 08 2006

Here ya go. http://www.macmall....dpno=851652&Redir=1
[Shz, Nov 08 2006]


       Be careful, some of the chinese ones have about 5 strands of thinner than human hair conductor inside. Sort of like an inbuilt fire fuse.
Ling, Nov 08 2006

       So what do you use to power your laptop?
wagster, Nov 08 2006

       + Because I have had this issue, and had not seen {shz}' link solution. [ling] makes a very good point, are IEC cables marked with current capacity or wire size?   

       <old dude> Was it PC XTs or ATs that came with a female IEC connector, and EGA (CGA?) monitors had male IEC power connectors? What a pain! </old dude>
csea, Nov 08 2006

       [csea], in a way. There was a feed in and a feed out socket on the Power supply. The live end always needs to be female, so you can't touch the hurty bit.
Ling, Nov 08 2006

       csea, as far as I know pc's had that until the advent of the Energy Star power saving where monitors could go into standby. This might have been in the 386 age (the 32 bit 386 was a big leap in speed).   

       I found it convenient to switch other equipment, such as a printer. I still have a power strip with a male pc connector.
jmvw, Nov 08 2006

       Yikes. Look at the price on that Belkin thing (at Shz's link -- thanks Shz). It's obviously a solution to a different problem, perhaps for plugging into the "out" on an old power supply, such as csea is recalling, then subsequently attaching a power strip. You could get a whole extension lead for that.   

       No, I'm still looking for little solid adapters, sold in packs of a half-dozen for the price of one of those Belkin cables.
Krisjohn, Nov 08 2006


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