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Enjoy every cough!
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So you have another cold. Hacking and coughing. Nothing tastes good. But it doesnt need to stay that way! BUNGCO is proud to introduce Flavaflem! In 31 flavors including stawberry, dill and mince, Flavaflem is inhaled (or sniffed!), where it dissolves in your lungbutter - and waits! Later, instead of the same old phlegm, you get a pleasant and flavorful treat. Talk about a productive cough! Many here at BUNGCO have brought up a mango or clove surprise long after we though our pneumonia and its residue had cleared. Face it: no-one likes the taste of phlegm. So why just put up with it? Go out and get a 12-pack of Flavaflem today!

And stay tuned for other fine BUNGCO products designed to give new and zesty flavors to other things produced by your own body - or your friends'!

bungston, Feb 14 2005

Mince http://www.hot.ee/lehva3/kanahakkliha.mpg
[calum, Feb 15 2005]

Bone! Gourmet_20bogies
[Ehrm, Nov 18 2005]

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       "Is that a booger?"   

       "No, it's not."
normzone, Feb 14 2005

       could i get custard-filled plegm?
changokun, Feb 14 2005

       *cough* *cough* .. *couggghhhh* .. Yuch i dont like this flavor.. give me that black current.. *cough* hmm... now thats better.
kamathln, Feb 14 2005

DesertFox, Feb 14 2005

       Swapping snacks at playtime?
wagster, Feb 14 2005

       A little lung lobster to go with that lung butter.   

       Mine's got a unique smokey savor already.
Wisconsin, Feb 15 2005

       Mine tastes of hoarse meat.
FarmerJohn, Feb 15 2005

       I can't believe it's not lungbutter!
thumbwax, Feb 15 2005

       I interpret all votes against that idea as votes in favor of the taste of phelgm. I would like to have these true believers explain their devotion.
bungston, Feb 15 2005

       This isn't really a bad idea. If I'm going to taste anything when I cough up phlegm, I'd rather it taste like licorice or piña colada, etc.
Machiavelli, Feb 15 2005

       Even those who have little or no contact with colds or maximum-therapy asthmatics should appreciate the majesty of this idea; eventually, as FlavaFlem becomes accepted by the consumer, each horrible phlegmy cough in earshot will remind the behearer of not the faint fungal mucus taste of a red-faced wintry morn but of the flavoursome deliciousness of mince.
calum, Feb 15 2005

       I can't believe it's snot... lungbutter?
jaksplat, Feb 15 2005

Paradiddlellogram, Nov 17 2005

       Green phlegm would no longer be a sign of a chest infection; it could just be the lemon/lime flavor.
phundug, Nov 17 2005

       WTF [calum]???
wagster, Nov 17 2005


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