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Gourmet bogies

Inhale scented dust to cultivate gourmet bogies
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Edible fingernails are baked, but there is more in the wonderful world of auto(pseudo)cannibalism.


But really, they dont taste very well. Just a little salty. That can be improved with a range of scented powders... cocoa, vanilla, lemongrass, garlic&thyme, rosemary, smokey bacon or cheese&onion? Just snort it up, leave a while to cure and dig away.

Ehrm, Sep 30 2005

I picked them myself! http://renandstimpy...odes.php?id=105&s=2
[Ehrm, Oct 01 2005]

Flavaflem Flavaflem
[Ehrm, Nov 18 2005]


       You grow aircraft in your nose?! Is that a hanger, or a hangar on your face?
Shz, Sep 30 2005

Adze, Oct 01 2005

       My thought exactly, [Shz].
bristolz, Oct 01 2005

       You are what you eat
xenzag, Oct 01 2005

       Now, this is why too much democracy sucks the bloody mucus off a dead mans tonsil! Howcome I get +2/-8 and Flavaflem (link) +7/-7? It's not fair.
Ehrm, Nov 18 2005

       Genious! It'll solve world hunger.
MikeOxbig, Nov 19 2005

       Over six years and nobody's written "periwinkles" ?
FlyingToaster, Mar 06 2011

       Unfair The bogey man is in imminent danger of becoming redundant here.
Ah Supp, Sep 30 2011

Voice, Oct 01 2011

       But I just got all that cheese out of my nose...
Alterother, Oct 01 2011


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