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Flavored Utensils

Spice up your food without having to buy spices
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basically some kind of wooden utensils, spoons, etc that have been soaked in garlic oil, basil oil, oregano oil, etc -- so when you're cooking/stirring the food gets naturally spiced. Could also apply to actual eating utensils -- garlic lovers could eat with a garlic flavored spoon, etc -- get a little extra spice in every bite
JT, Jul 06 2000


       I've definitely seen plastic spoons with chocolate on them for putting in coffee. I think it's a little bit gimmicky, though, and it would be very hard to control how salty something got when you were eating with a "salt spoon."
mcfrank, Jul 12 2000

       U know, this has potential. If u were to make the spoon hollow then u could fill it with garlic oil so that it seeps out slowly. If a wooden spoon can absorb the smell/taste of the food u r cooking then surely the reverse is also true
RISK, Jul 27 2000

       Flavoured plates - put un-spiced food onto spiced plate and the flavour-plate adds necessary spices. Just don't get the wrong plate out.
PotatoPete, Mar 31 2001


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