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Flexible Screen Car Sidings

Wireless, Flexably Molded Screens for the sides of cars.
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Screens can be unbelievably thin and flexible now as seen on this website: [URL moved to links area, below.] As this technology improves I think it would be crazy if you could Mold a Flexible Screen to the outside contours of a car. Every Panel, Hood, Roof, of your car etc would be covered with a flexible screen. If these screens can receive information wirelessly and work together to create one image then you could download custom, "Fake paint jobs" to your car.

It would be amazing to have actual moving objects with all kinds of colors covering your entire car -changable by the click of a button.

The screen could be covered and protected with some transparent material which could be vacume molded on top of the Panel and Screen.

This could be a very innovative idea and would be mind-blowing to see in person. However, this could be vary distracting for drivers and I'd it would probably get out of control vary quickly. Maybe there could be a law saying you can’t use the screens while driving or something. Or it could be used for showroom cars

Kcsolutions123, Jul 23 2005

That link as a link. http://www.pdgevaluations.com/
Like this, see. But it doesn't go anywhere useful. [baconbrain, Jul 23 2005]


       You can use the link option at the bottom of the idea to link directly to the page you are talking about.

       Anyway, This must be how they would do the receptionist's fingernails in Total Recall.
Zimmy, Jul 23 2005

       I came up with this in my pre-Halfbakery days. Bun for saying it in a way that sounds plausible. During rush-hours you could display films on the back of your car for the benefit of the person behind you in the jam. Or you could make the entire car flash and swirl in psycedillic patterns of colour and light.
dbmag9, Jul 23 2005

       I see the spawning of future increase in automibile crashes. [+]
JuJuHound, Jul 23 2005

       Ya JuJuHound, this idea could lead to alot of accidents so it probably wouldn't be street legal, but it would be great for show room cars.   

       If it was steet legal though you could also type out words to be displayed on the screens to help communicate with other cars. - once again though, this would be distracting and dangerous
Kcsolutions123, Jul 23 2005

       Assuming in the future the cars have no drivers this would be an amazing way to pass the time.
pooduck, Jul 24 2005

       Have you ever used or know anybody that has used pdgevaluations BaconBrain?   

       I almost used them to submit some ideas that missed the deadline for the Staples Invent Quest Contest.
Kcsolutions123, Jul 24 2005


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