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Dent Prevent

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This is a large, thin, flat magnet (roughly 16" x 20") that can be rolled up (or folded) and stored under your car's front seat. The marget is surrounded by a soft gel-like material. It also comes in a variety of colors (to match your car's exterior).

When you park in a crowded lot, you unroll the maget and let it cling to the driver or passenger doors (or both). So, if some careless idiot opens his car door next to yours, the device will prevent damage to both doors.

May also help to minimize damage from renegade wind-swept shopping carts.

Archbishop Furball, Apr 18 2007

Like this? http://www.h2source.com/201-133-1.htm
They made them in camo for hunters originally (camo and protect at the same time), this is just the first one that popped up on a quick search. [Hunter79764, Apr 18 2007]


       Of all your recent flurry of ideas I like this one best. Partly because it reassures me that your are not purely a troll, as the GPS idea would suggest.   

       Why not just leave this thing on the car?
bungston, Apr 18 2007

       Thank you. I'm learning that there appears to be little room for humor here.
Archbishop Furball, Apr 18 2007

       There is much room for humor here. If people don't get your jokes, maybe it's because you're not being funny.   

       So this is essentially a door shield? Surely then it is a ding preventer, not a dent preventer?   

       Looking at ding protectors sold for garages, I would suggest two things: make the thing a lot longer, so it will stretch most of the length of your car, and add a layer of foam underneath, to provide cushioning.
DrCurry, Apr 18 2007

       sp. "magnet", or perhaps, if it is a more anatrine product, "magret",
coprocephalous, Apr 18 2007

       I think it would get stolen (where I live anyway).
BJS, Apr 18 2007

       Seems a trifle cumbersome. Surely a better answer is an extending trim-strip?   

       Most cars have a crappy little trim-strip at about mid height, down each side. Just modify this so that, when you park, it slides out to form a sort of handrail that stands out about 4" from the body. As long as it's at the right height, it'll prevent dings better than a pad that's in direct contact with the body panels.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 19 2007

       Maxwell... Actually, now that you mention it, the idea of a retractable device makes much more sense. There could be small, cylindrical rail flush mounted or built into the left and right ground effects (under the doors on the side of the car). When you park, you pull on a ring, and out comes a thin strip of padded material (similar to blinds), the end of which adheres to the car's body via magnetic strip.
Archbishop Furball, Apr 19 2007

       your final anno got me to vote for it, could it live inside the sheetmatal and deploy via the trim strip? Seems wasteful to cover the entire body panel when only the widest point is most at risk.
cblunds, Apr 23 2007

       "Please, can't we all just get along?" (getting out of car) *Bonk* "Dammit!" I don't hate this, and I'm bunning it for the same reason I own windshield sunshades - unmounted protection is better than nothing.   

       But I like [Maxwell]'s concept better.
elhigh, Apr 23 2007

       Why not just have really fat, all-encompassing trim strips, kinda like on a dodgem car, but at waist height? Or for the more aesthetic look, inflatable trim strips, inflated by an exhaust gas diverter. Or electrify the bodywork.......
Mister Sketchly, Apr 23 2007


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