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Flick-knife Toothbrush

toothbrush that springs open like a flick-knife
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Flick-knife Toothbrush looks like a flick-knife but instead of a sharp blade springing out when the button on the main body of the handle is pressed, a toothbrush emerges ready for cleaning action.

Toothpaste is also squeezed unto the bristles from a compression reservoir in the handle and is timed to coincide with the exact moment the brush snaps into its fully extended position.

Deluxe version is made from polished gun metal and guaranteed to cause a fuss at airport security.

xenzag, Aug 04 2022

Switchblade comb https://www.amazon....?k=Switchblade+Comb
[a1, Aug 04 2022]

SwitchBrush https://switchbrush.com/
Spring loaded but looks a bit clinical instead of menacing [a1, Aug 04 2022]

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       A "Welsh comb" is just using your hand as a comb. Is a "Sicilian comb" just using a flickknife?
4and20, Aug 04 2022

       [+] Switchblade combs have been around for decades (link). It’s high time to expand into a wider range of personal care accessories.
a1, Aug 04 2022

       I have a flick-knife comb, still in its original packaging.
xenzag, Aug 04 2022

       Still to be explored:   

...nostril hair trimmer
...blow dryer
...cigarette case

a1, Aug 04 2022

       I see no reason why one should not use a comb for brushing one's teeths.
pocmloc, Aug 04 2022

       Unless it only opens once you'll be flicking your mouth bacteria all over the place. Pretty gross.
Voice, Aug 04 2022

       // Unless it only opens once you'll be flicking your mouth bacteria all over the place //   

       That's the problem the SwitchBrush (linked) is meant to solve. It has a built-in UV sterilizer. Because it's not just mouth bacteria that gets on your toothbrush.
a1, Aug 04 2022

       //Unless it only opens once you'll be flicking your mouth bacteria all over the place// I’m quite sure you’re missing an opportunity to expand that notion into a completely new idea for a type of drool/mucus trebuchet.
xenzag, Aug 05 2022


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