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fork with toothbrush end
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single use probably plastic fork toothbrush..After meal reminder to brush your teeth..especially for young schoolkids after lunch breaks at the school's cafeteria..cavities and bad breath defeated. The school's restrooms would have to be equiped with plenty of sinks though...
Belgarath, Apr 09 2004


       I thought this would something for cleaning the cobwebs out.
Zanzibar, Apr 09 2004

       I picture children in the lunchroom, brushing at the table and spitting at each other. In US public schools lunch rooms are pretty unruly already. sorry
dentworth, Apr 09 2004

       If they're disposable, surely they would be too expensive for everyday use. However, if they cost the same as plain old plastic forks, I'd definitely buy them. Or, if you're sending it in a kid's lunchbox, there's no reason why it has to be disposable. Just have the child bring it home for washing and reuse. Overall, I like the idea. +
tchaikovsky, Apr 09 2004


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