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Double-sided Toothbrush

Even Brushing
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A toothbrush with bristles on both sides. Brushing in half the time.
Mr Buttersworth, Feb 11 2007

Double sided toothbrush http://www.invention.net/ford.htm
One of the many on internet [xenzag, Feb 12 2007]

Fuzzy Brush http://www.fuzzybrush.com/
linked in response to comments taking this idea to the n'th degree - why though, do they commonly sell these in public lavatories? (edit: actually, it turns out they're not spherical as I had always imagined - perhaps the n'th degree hasn't yet been fully explored?) [zen_tom, Feb 14 2007]


       Just finished flossing and brushing croissant out of my teeth.
normzone, Feb 12 2007

       A toothbrush that is simply double sided will only work well for the tops of the molars. To get the gum line, you will need to have them angled, and separated a certain distance, which may or may not vary according to the mouth of the person using the brush, and maybe even which teeth they are trying to brush.   

       Selling a device like this with the slogan that you can brush in half the time would probably lead a few unwary customers to suffer a breakdown in their dental hygiene.   

       Can we get some more details on how far apart the bristles are, and whether they are angled or not? Appropriately halfbaked estimates might be bun-worthy in their own right... but just suggesting a double sided tooth brush is not worth my vote. I've seen it before in the cartoons, and it wasn't funny there either.
ye_river_xiv, Feb 12 2007

       why do you assume this was intended to be funny?
Mr Buttersworth, Feb 12 2007

       Tending the notion that people brush their teeth, funny stuff.
daseva, Feb 12 2007

       don't mean to puncture your idea, but it's a bit baked - see link.
xenzag, Feb 12 2007

       If the other brushes were on the handle, it could double as a fingernail brush at the same time.
xandram, Feb 12 2007

       A sphere of radial bristles could be manipulated around the mouth with a deft tongue, thus delivering 'hands-free-brushing' and the resulting unique market position.
Texticle, Feb 12 2007

       That's preposterous! The beauty of a 1 sided brush is that you can apply pressure onto the surface that you are scrubbing. But by applying pressure on your lower teeth with a 2 sided brush, you are weakening the pressure on your top teeth (and visa versa).
quantum_flux, Feb 14 2007

       Also particularly good for brushing the inside of your lips and cheeks ...
nuclear hobo, Feb 14 2007

       [Texticle], that's baked.   

       [xandram], that's a great idea! Put some lipstick at the appropriate point along the handle (not for me, though), squirt breath freshner out of the in-mouth end and hand-cream out of the other, and you have a fully multi-tasking health and beauty product!   

       [qf], carefully bite down to achieve pressure top and bottom.
TheLightsAreOnBut, Feb 14 2007


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