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Flike: Winged Enclosed 2-Wheeler

Cabin-Enclosed Motorcyle With Scissor Wings
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Monoracer style 2-wheeler with enclosed cabin has scissor wings that swing out from the underside of the vehicle, enabling it to take off when traveling at highway speeds. The rear-mounted motor which drives the rear wheel of this 2-wheeler is likewise used to drive a rear propeller which unfolds for powered flight.
sanman, May 24 2024

Monoracer/Ecomobile https://www.youtube...watch?v=VbdkZB9-Sd4
Cabin-Enclosed Motorcycle [sanman, May 24 2024]

Folding Propeller https://www.youtube...watch?v=D9Y49jXVhbs
Foldable Propeller [sanman, May 24 2024]

Stowable Folding Propeller https://www.youtube...watch?v=1aOtO9mzJ9E
Folding Propeller Stows [sanman, May 24 2024]

Electric Monoracer https://www.youtube...watch?v=Zn8IOd_v5WU
Electric Version of Monoracer [sanman, May 24 2024]

3 wheels and a lot bigger https://www.samsonsky.com/
switchblade wing flying car [a1, May 24 2024]

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       It's doable. I posted something very similar where a dirt bike can become amphibious or airborne depending on how you reconfigure its parts, but the liability issues of being the company to build the first one are prohibitively harsh, so you'll just have to build one and then play with it while we try to go-fund-me your bail money.   

       You got this...   

       It could include a ballistic parachute and airbags
sanman, May 24 2024

       Also, even if you can only take off and land from airfields, the fact that you can drive it there and drive it away means you save on the expense of hangar fees.
sanman, May 24 2024

       Another thing - small aircraft often suffer from the problem of low wing-loading, which makes them susceptible to being easily buffeted and even flipped over by small winds / turbulence (Plenty of youtube videos showing this.) The solution is to keep the wing size down in order to increase the wing loading - and that works well for this compact form factor design.
sanman, May 24 2024

       Do you need a pilots license to ride this dirt bike?   

       Hey - I just thought of a name!   

       We'll call it the Flike / Flyke. (One will be American spelling, the other British.)   

       Rolls off the tongue!
sanman, May 24 2024

       @2 fries shy of a happy meal: License? Meh, depends on which country you're in.
sanman, May 24 2024

       Excellent point.   

       3-wheels-and-a-lot-bigger looks more expensive and more drag-prone. Flike 2-wheeler looks to be a more manageable size to keep costs down.
sanman, May 24 2024

       I only pointed it out for the similarities: drive-able on roads, switchblade wings. It also has a tail and control surfaces - details you haven't described yet for the Flyke.   

       How much will the Flyke weigh, and what motor are you planning to use? I'd like to see numbers for wing loading and power to weight ratio. High wing loading will lead to a high stall speed - and need longer takeoff and landing distances.
a1, May 24 2024


       I'm imagining empty unladen weight to be ~450-500 kg approx.   

       For engine, I was thinking of a wankel rotary, which gives better power-to-weight as well as lesser vibration, compared to reciprocating piston engine. But I'm open to better suggestions.
sanman, May 24 2024

       // estimate empty unladen weight to be ~450-500 kg //   

       Compare to max takeoff weight of 840 kg for Samson Switchblade, w/ estimated payload 260 kg (people, bags, fuel). Empty weight would be around 580. Wing loading is 132kg / m2.   

       // engine ... suggestions //   

       Again, look at what Samson went with - 1 litre, 3 cylinder turbo charged engine. Remember that a road-worthy flying car/motorcycle needs to use unleaded fuel - not avgas.   

       Not completely dismissing your concept; I'm just pointing out what has already been done for similar projects.
a1, May 24 2024


       Well, maybe if a lot of carbon fiber was creatively used, then weight could be brought down to 400kg. A light aircraft engine like Rotax 912 comes to just over 55kg weight.   

       One issue with engines is that the powerplant needs of a motorcycle / ground vehicle are different from those of an aircraft. An aircraft engine should have a highly optimized and narrow powerband, while a motorcycle engine is going to need a somewhat wider power band.
sanman, May 24 2024

       Again, I suggest you scour Samson''s website to see how they sourced their engine - they looked at Rotax and didn't like its power to weight ratio. On this and many other details, they've already worked out how to do some of what you want.   

       Something else I just thought of - how do you land ? Seems like the motorcycle wheel arrangement would make that ... tricky.
a1, May 24 2024

       @a1 :   

       Sail planes land on one wheel all the time. One or two wheels is what many classical models have always had.   

       Front wheel of Flike would have to be kept in a straight position during landing/takeoff - but that would also be a requirement for high speed ground driving.
sanman, May 24 2024

       You could link the front wheel to the rudder with a self-stabilising feedback mechanism.
neutrinos_shadow, May 29 2024

       @ neutrinos shadow:   

       Yeah, I was thinking about the rudder, but forgot. It's hard to imagine where the rudder is supposed to emerge from when converting to aircraft mode.   

       Another idea I had was to make the Flike into a quad-copter like the JetsonOne. Somehow the rotors would have to swivel out from the vehicle to convert it into aircraft mode. Quad-copter just uses differential thrust for steering.
sanman, May 29 2024


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