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Godzilla trap

please make a new category called Traps:Godzilla
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After watching one of his movies i came to the realization that guy was just out for a walk The destruction of property was just an unfortunate result. All tokyo needs to do is make a self powered treadmill in his path and he would get stuck on it. The energy generated from his walks would power much of tokyo.
bob, Aug 05 2017


       // The destruction of property was just an unfortunate result //   

       "unfortunate" ?   

       The Manhattan Project was stupidly expensive (but in a good cause) and "unfortunately" only fried two Jap cities. Sadly, the evil little buggers surrendered before any more weapons were available.   

       Getting Tokyo trashed at no cost, and even better at no risk to Allied personnel, sounds like a damned good deal to us.
8th of 7, Aug 05 2017

       Culture:Movie:Derived Work   

       The design still has some big physical sticking points.
wjt, Aug 05 2017

       At least it's not in .... Oh, never mind.
normzone, Aug 06 2017


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