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Flipped Keyboard Challenge

I typed this with my keyboard upside down.
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Took about a minute and a half.

The idea is to take the flipped keyboard challenge and set a record for typing "Flipped keyboard challenge" in the shortest time.

At first, I basically froze up, looking for keys, but about halfway through it did start to get easier, my brain started on that neuroplasticity thing.

I normally type at about 50 or 60 words per minute but with the keyboard upside down I'm at about 4 or 5 WPM. Curious to see how long it takes me to get to something usable.

To answer the obvious question, I'm working on a very stressful project and just wanted to do something besides clicking on news stories to give my brain a break. This was reasonably distracting.

Still got questions? Dunno, might be something people do on TicTock. I'd watch somebody typing 60 words per minute on an upside-down keyboard. I'd give 'em 30 seconds of my time.

doctorremulac3, Mar 11 2023

Mozart was widely lauded for (fictionally) playing the harpsichord keyboard upside down https://youtu.be/yp0mOKH0IBY
[swimswim, Mar 12 2023]

Reversed bicycle handlebar https://www.science...e-backwards-bicycle
Another way to throw your muscle memory for a loop [swimswim, Mar 13 2023]

Typing With my Keyboard Upside Down https://www.youtube...watch?v=7Ec_zDjkzPo
old youtube vid [a1, Mar 17 2023]


       There's a whole series of ideas and annotations on here about crazy keyboard layouts. A fair bit of random as well - i.e. you have mini displays on the keys which re-assign themselves after every press. But I don't recall inverted before. So [+]   

       Of course this can be done for anything, ride your bike with your hands crossed, play the piano lying on the lid, drive your car backwards down the road facing out the rear window and reaching behind you to the controls, etc. etc.
pocmloc, Mar 11 2023

       //you could try this by just rotating your keyboard 180 degrees. No, 180 degrees in the other plane.// [MaxwellBuchanan], Nov 24 2007
pocmloc, Mar 11 2023

       This sounds like one of those “weird tricks” that help prevent Alzheimer's.
swimswim, Mar 11 2023

       //Of course this can be done for anything, ride your bike with your hands crossed, play the piano lying on the lid, drive your car backwards down the road facing out the rear window and reaching behind you to the controls, etc. etc//   

       Absolutely, and well it should be!   

       Ahh Max, miss that guy.   

       //This sounds like one of those “weird tricks” that help prevent Alzheimer’s//   

       Or be an indication of Alzheimer's.
doctorremulac3, Mar 11 2023

       The whole world needs to do a Dvorak day. Everyone in the world switches their keyboard and we absorb the loss in productivity for a year or so, then things get better
Voice, Mar 12 2023

       Off topic but a Jimi Hendrix day where all guitarists tried to play upside down and left handed would be cool too. Probably way harder though.   

       By the way, if anybody tries this wouldn't mind hearing how you did. Not a competition, took me a minute and a half to type "I typed this with my keyboard upside down" but was interested to find the first 3 or 4 words took the vast majority of the time. Once my brain figured out what was going on it went smoothly, but the first few words I had to hit the backspace a couple of times because my brain was acting like a robot, kicking the job to the "non thinking typing" part of the brain before it shifted to the frontal lobe I guess.   

       In other words, 8 words took so much time because I made mistakes on the first 4 or 5 and had to fumble around what seemed like forever to find the backspace button. The rest went reasonably fast and I remembered letters that I'd typed previously. Was a goofy little peek into how the brain works. Just kind of interesting to see the shift from "Huh?" to "Oh, I get it." take place. We have these little "brain-bots" that type or shift the gears on our car. I had to turn mine off, but once I did it went relatively smoothly.
doctorremulac3, Mar 12 2023

       2:20, but I want credit for the fact that some of the letters on my keyboard are worn off.

//Not a competition// Fie!
Voice, Mar 12 2023

       But you can knock 30% or so off with one more try.   

       It's that pesky muscle memory that screws you up. When I backed off and started "hunting and pecking" rather than having my hands in the typing position is when I actually started making progress.   

       If you're hands are in the standard typing position you'll just freeze up since you can't see any of the keys.
doctorremulac3, Mar 12 2023

       When my buddy and I got too good at the dorm pinball machine in University, we'd cross our arms to use the flippers with opposite hands. Didn't take too long to adjust.
AusCan531, Mar 13 2023

       Is there a word for that? Should be. “Sensory inversion realignment” or something.   

       Didn’t I read somewhere if you flip your vision your brain can readjust somehow?
doctorremulac3, Mar 13 2023

       On first impression, a competition for the most finger-dander on a desk.   

       Thankfully it did not go that way.
mylodon, Mar 13 2023

       Could have other rounds in this game   

       Type a message while wearing thick mittens   

       Type a message using your nose   

       Type a message with the keyboard mounted on a record player turntable at increasing rpm (16/33/45/78)   

       Type a message while your opponent tugs at ropes tied around your wrists   

pocmloc, Mar 13 2023

       Turn your keyboard upside down over your desk. Tap the bottom a few times. Cringe in disgust.
Voice, Mar 13 2023

       Very cool link swim, this has become more interesting than I thought it would be.
doctorremulac3, Mar 13 2023

       //Type a message using your nose//
On rare occasions, I use my nose to access my phone, if I'm walking while wearing gloves (to work in winter, for eg.). Just to look at a txt or something simple. (I know, I need to get touch-screen-compatible gloves...)
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 19 2023


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