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Geographic Keyboard

States, (or provinces) become Keys.
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Take a country and turn states or provinces into keys. If more keys are required, use more countries.
Cuit_au_Four, Jul 07 2005


       I'm guessing that Oregon, the Beaver State, is not going to enjoy being identified as [ " ], after giving up the highly coveted [O]-key to Oklahoma, of course. Ohio would have to settle for [ 0 ](zero) since it is the 'high-O' on the keyboard.
jurist, Jul 07 2005

       If no state keys are required, don't do this at all.   

       Are you already using a keyboard like this? You seem to have difficulty typing enough words to make this idea clear. "Take a country"?!!? Hitler got in trouble for trying that.
baconbrain, Jul 07 2005


       But, who has slender enough fingers to press Rhode Island?   

       This would be a nice educational tool, I think.
Madai, Jul 07 2005

       Imagine a "nations of europe" keyboard... Who has slender enough fingers to press Luxemborg and the Vatican City?!
Kozi4361, Jul 07 2005


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