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Massage Chair Toilet

Lean into it
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You know those seated massage chairs where you lean forward onto an angled pad that has a hole for your face? Cross that with a toilet. Imagine a toilet where one sits in reverse, facing the wall and tank. This places the user in a more natural leaned forward position and fully supports their weight with no stress on the lower back or neck. There could also be an optional bookrest in front of your face. This would make reading while on the toilet a much more pleasant experience without the numb butt cheeks and elbow reddened thighs. I would even put a little TV on the wall. For home toilets.
wombat, Oct 13 2003

Upright massage chair http://www.soul-uti...massage/chairs2.htm
[wombat, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       not bad
Aluxe, Oct 13 2003

       I love it. When can I get one?
kerspamer, Oct 14 2003


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