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Flocking cat mines

For gardens or farms.
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First, the 'spotter' finds the desired location to put the minefield and installs a beacon post. Then, the modified bomber flies overhead scattering miniature landmines all over the place. The mines then flock towards the beacon, arrange themselves in a geometrical pattern around the beacon with randomized spacing, and bury themselves a few cm below the surface. Sensors in the beacon post detect nearby movement of a cat, and a mine pops out of the ground, runs towards the source of the movement, and detonates like the vulture spider mines in Star Craft. Not intended to be powerful enough to kill or seriously injure an animal (contact our Borg-relations department for information on our line of military- grade antifelinoid mines), these landmines are little more than modified flashbang grenades. No shrapnel, no injurious concussive shockwave, no maimed pets or children. A camera on the sensor/beacon post records video of all detonations for awesome youtubage. If the target sees it coming and flees before the mine can detonate, it goes back to its hiding spot and reburies itself.

Also programmable for reacting to rabbits, coyotes, and unattended small children. No airdrop required, they can be deployed in smaller amounts by hand or dumptruck just as well.

My tactical advisors at 21st Century Quest strongly recommend pairing flocking mines with our patented B.B. Home Defense System for total pest control.

21 Quest, May 19 2012

FAmily of SCatterable Mines http://www.globalse...unitions/fascam.htm
These days, you can't stroll through the HB archives without stepping on a few variations. [Alterother, May 19 2012]


       cat height Van der Graaffs to rub up against.
FlyingToaster, May 19 2012

       Stepped in one too many cat dooks out in the yard, have we?

       If we put up too many more ideas like this one, we'll have to add a product: weapon: FASCAM category. <link>
Alterother, May 19 2012

       <hysterical cackling>

8th of 7, May 19 2012

       I'd be worried that I'd click on an idea link only to find myself 300 yards away and my pooter a pile of shards and dust.
Phrontistery, May 20 2012

       That is always a concern around here. You learn to take precautions.
Alterother, May 20 2012

       Or to ensure ample supplies of deathday cakes.
Phrontistery, May 20 2012


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